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December 2-4 Gilroy Center for the Arts - Gilroy Arts Alliance will host local artisans who will be selling hand- made art and goods includ- ing jewelry, art, pho- tography and more. One of a kind gifts that will last a lifetime. Check their website at for times. Don’t forget the gift all children want, a new bicycle. Sunshine Bikes in Gilroy and Morgan Hill have a wide selection of bikes, carrying only the best bicycles and accessories, and a repair service to make that old bike like new again. APPAREL AND JEWELRY Amoretto Boutique recently combined with itty bitty beauty boutiqe to provide apparel, fashion accessories and home decor as well as beauty, skin care and makeup for all occasions. Their newly remodeled shop is a wonderful one stop shop to get that special gift for your best friend. A don’t miss this holiday season. Engagement plans? Shop for that special ring that says “Marry Me” at the Jewel Box Morgan Hill. They are offering $250 off purchases f $750 or more. Details at store. Mango Street Kids is a resale and consignment shop offering clothing, accessories and furniture for families with children from newborn through size 14. Make it part of your Gilroy downtown shopping experience. Open Tuesdays through Saturdays. For that classy, trendy or slightly edgy dresser on your list, Tryst Women’s and Men’s Apparel, in downtown Morgan Hill, has a full line of designer clothing and accessories. They also offer private party options for the perfect Girl’s Night Out during the holidays. Royal Clothiers for a special gift for him or to dress him up for your company gala. If he’s a Tommy Bahama guy, you will love the selection of casual shirts and pants. And if he’s a tie and suit guy, you will love the selection and tailoring options afforded. Located in downtown Morgan Hill. SPORTS AND FITNESS Inspire your couch potatoes to get moving with a membership to the Morgan Hill Community Recreation Center and Aquatics Center or choose from the many programs at the Gilroy Recreation Center. And for your young ninja, perhaps a birthday party to remember at United Academy Of Martial Arts, Morgan Hill or martial arts lessons at Pulido’s Pro Fitness in Gilroy. South County’s equestrian s ́ѡͥ(͔͡܁̤䁡ٔ)Ѽ͡ȁȰȁɥ́ѡȁ͕̰)Ё5ɝ!éMхɼQɕ)ɑѼ͡ݹȁ5Ʌq1)ȁչ䁅ɔٽٕ)Օɥ̰Ёѡ䁱́Ѽх)ɕtɅͼɅѕ́Օɥ)ɅɽɅ5ɝ!)IչM!́́)ѡ́啅ȁ́ɕѥեє)%Ёٕ́Ѽ́ͱq ȁѡȸ)Mх䁙ȁѡȻtѼЁѡɥ)̰͡ѼЁ݅)չѽɥ̸)ȁ᥉䁅ɕѥɥѡ)̰e ͕́́ȁٕ̃P) ɕѥٔ ́ݥѠAѕ́́ɽ)ɥمє̸͕ Ѡɔѕɽ)%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8)9=Y5 H 5 H)ѽ乍)ȀѠ)Q!I9)́ =5%9)]eɔݕ)݅䁙ɽѡɕ)ѡɅ)Qѕȁ́Ё)Ʌ3éѕ)ѡѕȵɕхٕ)ЁɽЁݸ)ѽݸ5ɝ!%)٥ͥյ)ɱȁѡ́啅Ȱ3)͍ɥ́Ѽ)ɽ٥مɥ䁽)ٔѕхЁ)ȁѡѕȁ͕д)ѥѡЁɭ́Ѽ)!ݽẽaIЁAd)ɄQɕ)Ց́ չ)MѥϊdՅ) ]є) չɅ͕)ȀѠ)ݕ䁄9)eˊéٔAݥѠ)ѡɕ͔)Ȱɽ)ѽЁ)ͥYх)9͔Mհ-̸)QɅݥ)مȁݕ)Ʌєٕ)ɽ٥ѕɥ)͕٥̸(