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BY DAN CRAIG ARTFULLY yours Renee Angela Filice Ancient Art Form Goes Contempory 80 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN O riginating in China over 2,000 years ago, silk painting is an art form that involves applying colored pigment to silk cloth. Silk paintings of the modern era are said to have begun when the art form was taken up by students and French teachers at the Hanoi College of Fine Arts in the 1930s. Using a combination of dyes and techniques developed in Europe and Asia, silk paintings can now be found all around the world. This enduring art form captured the imagination of local artist Renee Angela Filice when she began exploring it ten years ago. “I couldn’t get the vibrant colors I wanted out of water- color and found that painting on silk achieved the results I was seeking,” Renee recalled. Today, the art she creates in her Morgan Hill studio focuses on silk painting, and she has expanded her painting repertoire to include pastels. Painting on silk involves technical expertise not found in most art mediums. The silk fabric is stretched on a temporary frame before liquid dyes are brushed on much like watercolors. A substance referred to as gutta or wax can be applied to the silk as a “resist” to prevent the dyes from running outside an object. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2016