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community DIGEST Gilroy Chamber of Commerce Gilroy Hall of Fame FOUR LOCAL GILROYANS WERE HONORED AT the Hall of Fame in October. The designations were designed to honor those individuals who have made a difference in the community. The concept was developed originally in 1982 and from 1982 thru 1994, 119 worthy individuals were honored. After a short break, four individuals were inducted last year at the inaugural Hall of Fame ceremony, bringing the total to 123. This year the honorees included Marge Albaugh (1932-2008), founder of St. Joseph’s Family Center; William Ayer, who, during his time as Parks & Recreation Director for the City of Gilroy, developed the park system enjoyed by Gilroyans today; Salvatore “Sam” Bozzo, lifelong educator, mentor, community servant and ambassador of garlic and goodwill, and the founder of the Hall of Fame, R.J. “Bob” Dyer (1933-2016), captain of industry, community leader and visionary. Photo Top (l-r) Susie Kafka & Billy Ayer (daughter and son of Bill Ayer), Sam Bozzo (recipient), J. Chris Mickartz (daughter of Marge Albaugh), Rick, Maura and Loni Dyer (son and daughters of R.J. Dyer) received plaques of induction into the Hall of Fame. Middle Row (l-r): Family of Marge Albaugh: Larry Mickartz, Lexi, Izzy, Addie, Frank Vegh, J. Chris Mickartz, Stephanie Vegh and sitting, John Albaugh, her husband. Bob Dyer Family (standing l-r): Diane Dyer, Ruth & Rick Dyer, Maura Dyer, Loni Dyer and her husband, Steve Vaughn, and sitting, John & Donna Taft. Family of Sam Bozzo (l-r) Gene Sakahara, Kathryn Sakahara, Lora Nickol Bozzo, Sam Bozzo, Gianna Bozzo, Dominic Bozzo, Olivia Bozzo, Greg Bozzo, Judy Bozzo, Dr Carl Bozzo, Diane Bozzo, Michele Bozzo Mahi, Chris Bevilacqua, Pat Nickol. Family of Bill Ayer: Devin and Billy Ayer; Susie, Riley, Jordan and Ron Kafka. 16 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2016