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Chamber of Commerce Urban Growth Boundary is BAD for Gilroy By Mark Turner, President/CEO, Gilroy Chamber of Commerce L istening to some of the proponents talk about the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) Initiative, you would think the UGB will be a boon for Gilroy businesses and residents. If a reduction in projected population (customers for local businesses), fewer jobs, more congested freeway traffic, less revenue for infrastructure improvements and higher rents equate to a boon, then you will have to agree with them. However, after reading the 9212 Report, which can be accessed on the City’s website, one can only come to the conclusion, the UGB is bad for Gilroy. Bad for Jobs — According to the 9212 Report, implementation of the UGB would result in a decline of over 45 percent of potential jobs, labor income and economic output. With regard to construction, potential jobs, labor and economic output would decline by 30 percent. Bad for Traffic — Traffic problems like those around Christopher High School will remain and will not be fixed since necessary road improvements in the area will be halted as the private investment mechanism for improvement is eliminated. Fewer jobs in town will require more people on the road to pursue work. According to the 9212 Report, because job numbers would likely decrease to a greater degree than population, implementation of the UGB would increase Vehicle Miles Traveled. More traffic with less road improvements equates to more congestions, slower commute times and greater frustration. Bad for Existing Businesses — The UGB “wall” that would be erected around Gilroy would limit the number of potential residents who contribute to the local economy. Businesses rely on residents to shop at their locations. Restaurants, retail, entertainment and small business owners would be greatly impacted by a decline in potential customers. Bad for City Revenue — The 9212 Report indicates implementation of the UGB would decrease retail sales tax by approximately $1 Million. Property tax revenue would be reduced by approximately $3 Million. General Fund Revenues would be reduced by nearly $9 Million. Bad for Infrastructure Improvements — Revenue to provide and maintain roads, parks and other essential services will diminish. With regard to deficient intersection level of service, the 9212 Report states, at existing deficient locations, intersections would continue to operate at unacceptable levels. Roadway extensions or improvements that would be needed outside the proposed UGB would be reduced. As growth diminishes so will Gilroy’s quality of life. Bad for Renters — Amazingly, there are some people who don’t believe in the law of supply and demand with regard to the housing market and try to explain it away as a regional phenomenon. There is no denying when a product, such as rental units, are in high demand and there is less of that product available, higher prices will prevail. The same applies to real estate. The potential for increased rent prices is a real threat. With 43 percent of Gilroyans renting, the financial impact to those families could be devastating. 68 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 Dave Peoples, Owner Garlic City Mercantile G arlic City Mercantile is the first place to visit if you’re looking for Gourmet Garlic Goodies, Gadgets & Gifts. They carry a great selection of local brand products. They carry lots of unique items that make for great gifts. One such product is called, “Wet RubZ,” a dry rub seasoning in a marinade form. It’s organic, and has no GMO’s. The product is gluten and dairy free and comes in Santa Maria style or Sesame Siracha. You will also find Mansmith’s Gourmet Seasonings. They carry products from suppliers such as Old Gilroy Garlic Company, Garlic Capital Products, Gil’s Gourmet, and Gilroy Hot Stuff. If you are looking for stuffed olives, garlic balsamic vinegar and chipotle roasted garlic BBQ grille sauce, spicy pickled green beans, pepper plant products, cook books and other distinctive products, you’ll want to stop by and look around. Dave Peoples, owner of Garlic City Mercantile has been selling garlic products since 1977. Garlic City Mercantile is located at 7550 Monterey Street in downtown Gilroy.