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Photo ops were abundant as the queens made their way from the Lighting of the Torch to the Flame-Up in Gourmet Alley where the girls received instructions on what to do and not do as they prepped for their 30 second career as pyro chefs. Gourmet Alley Co-Chair, Craig Miner, provided comic relief, telling the girls they would need to wear hair nets. Panic could be seen on their faces as they chanted “oh, no.” Instead, hair was put into pony’s, each helping the other (serving as mirrors) to make sure they looked OK with their new hairdos. Two groups of four were formed, anxiety was high but their can-do spirits won out as they took on the task of providing the festival goers the first flame-ups of the day. “I’m not good at this, there’s a reason why pyro chefs have done this for 30 years,” said Kyle as she grabbed the long narrow handle of the very large pan and attempted to flip its contents. Although very apprehensive over the whole process, she was a trooper, noting that the pan wasn’t necessarily all that heavy but the handle was small and hot; making the flipping difficult. As for the flame-up, maybe next time. 42 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016