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City Beat High Speed Rail Station Area Plan T he City has begun the second phase of land use and circulation planning for the Downtown in anticipation of construction of a station in the area by the California High-Speed Rail Authority. In the initial phase, issues and opportunities related to the proposed station were identified and evaluated. Based on that evaluation and input received at a community meeting last November, three possible land use and circulation alternatives for Downtown were developed. The alternatives are described in the Alternatives Analysis Report which can be found on the project website. The draft land use and circulation alternatives were reviewed at a community meeting held on June 28, 2016. Significant outreach to the community in advance of the meet- ing resulted in approximately 80 individuals attending and providing comments on the proposals. Much useful information on community preferences for the future of Downtown was provided. Additionally, a number of the attendees expressed a preference for the high-speed rail station to be located east of the Outlets, rather than Downtown. A follow-up community meeting is anticipated later this summer. Additional information about the project may be found on the Station Area Plan website or by contacting the project manager, David Bischoff, at david. or (408) 846-0253. Gilroy says ‘Yes’ to Energy Choice T he City of Gilroy and eleven other communities in Santa Clara County took action to form and join the Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority (SVCEA), a local non-profit agency charged with procuring cleaner energy for residents and businesses. Community Choice Energy (CCE) is an opportunity to change the electricity market and provide residents and businesses with a new choice. This new electricity provider would be entirely locally run. It’s similar to buying in bulk or participating in a co-op. The agency would buy power on the open market, encouraging the kind of competition that can result in more renewable energy sources at lower rates. Under CCE, PG&E would continue to provide essential services as a partner, delivering the electricity over existing infrastructure, maintaining the power lines, sending bills, and providing customer service. Your bill would even look the same. When a community decides to create or join a CCE, all customers within that jurisdiction are automatically enrolled in the CCE. However, customers can choose to opt-out and remain with or go back to PG&E. In existing programs, 80-90 percent of customers have chosen to stay with the new local agency as their electricity provider, opting for the cleaner, greener, local choice. For information and updates, visit City Election November 8, 2016 Downtown Police Patrol O fficer Nestor Quinones and Corporal Jesus Cortez have been busy with their engagement efforts as the Gilroy Police Department’s Downtown District Liaison Officers. They represent the department at the Downtown Business Association meetings and make every effort to visit the downtown area during their unobligated time. To compliment these efforts, the Gilroy Police Department initiated a pilot downtown weekend patrol program primarily to strengthen the partnership with the downtown merchants, bring a sense of security to our community members and address potential quality of life concerns. The officers have been patrolling on horseback, on dual sport motorcycles and on foot every Friday and Saturday evening for the last couple of weeks. The pilot program will continue until late August. The officers have received positive feedback and accolades for their presence in the Gilroy’s downtown area. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 21