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it’s YOUR swing with Don DeLorenzo Words of Wisdom So You Want To Play Golf… G olf is a very unique game in the sense that we don’t grow up playing it in the park with our buddies like we do baseball or football. By the time most of us are 12 years old we can throw a curveball, hit a jump shot and catch a spiral. But hit a golf ball in the air…..forget it. That’s why it’s important to turn to a PGA Professional to teach you how to play this game. Like all other educators, a professional instructor can break down the ABC’s of the game into a manageable language that you can understand. Because, if you try to fi gure out this game on your own, forget it! It can’t be that diffi cult you say? Well for starters you have to swing down to make that ball go up, if you try to lift it in the air it stays on the ground and if you swing to the left the ball goes to the right. Now you know why you need a professional instructor. Why should I learn to play golf anyway? Well, golf has been called “The game of a lifetime” because unlike all the other sports we have played as kids, you can play it forever. I don’t see too many 50+ year olds in the park playing football or a pick-up game of basketball. But go to a golf course any morning and you will see many “baby boomers” out enjoying a round of golf with friends. I lost count how many times friends of mine that I went to elementary or high school with see me at the golf course and say, “ I should have learned this game as a kid”. The greatest thing about the game of golf is you don’t have to be good at it to enjoy it. You can be a 25 handicap- 100 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN per (shoot about 100) and you can play right along with a 0 handicapper (shoots about 72). I don’t think this could happen on the tennis or basketball court. As with any sport, learning it at a young age is much easier and more beneficial than waiting until you are an adult. There are several avenues to look at if you want to start your youngster in the game. There is the conventional one on one private lesson route. Make sure the instructor is someone your junior golfer enjoys being around if it’s just going to be the instructor and the junior golfer. Junior camps are readily available through most recreation departments and golf courses. In a camp setting, there is less personal instruction but your junior gets to learn the game with others there same age. One very popular national program is “The First Tee”. The First Tee program advances juniors through levels like school. Making sure they grasp the skills before moving on to the next level. What makes this program unique is they tie life skills such as honest, integrity, responsibility into every golf lesson. Locally, First Tee programs are held at Gavilan College Golf Course. But golf on TV looks so boring! I have to agree with you a little on that one. All you see on TV is a ball fly- ing through the air and bouncing down the fairway until it stops. Or people being very quiet while a tall guy in ugly pants rolls a ball into a hole that is way too small. But I promise you that if you go out to a golf course and experience the outdoor beauty of a green undulating golf SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016