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ADVERTORIAL The Roof … the cornerstone of all solar systems By Pamela Garcia, Founder, Simmitri. Simmitri is a Silicon Valley Corporation, birthed in the Gilroy/Morgan Hill area, in 1995, that helps it’s residential and commercial cli- entele harness Solar Energy Technology in all its forms today, and into the future. T he foundation, or cornerstone of any residential Solar System is the roof upon which it sets. Unfortunately, a lot of solar customers are not aware of this critical fact. A well-designed & thoroughly inspected roof system is necessary for a solar system to function properly over time. Choosing a solar company that is not “fully engaged” when it comes to the Roof is, at best, unwise. At worse, it is taking a risk that may lead to permanent roof damage. Roof and solar systems must work together symmetrically, for the “productive and protective” outcomes all customers seek for the long-term. That’s why one of the primary questions for a customer to ask when considering a solar company is: “What is the level of expertise of that company — with regards to both solar AND roofs?” Roof replacement is one of the most important things to consider for the overall protection of the home. Many roof contractors simply stop leaks, repair or replace shingles alone, and fail to regard the roof as an entire system that should be managed more broadly — and as a result, more appropriately. Without viewing the roof “as a system,” proper installation and long-term efficiency and effectiveness are virtually undermined. To avoid approaching the roof in simplistic and ineffective ways, please consider the following points below for a more thorough roof analysis and management approach. Roof Systems Improve Overall Energy Efficiency A roof system should both function to protect the roof of the home or business and help improve the overall energy efficiency of the property. A roof system not only includes high- quality asphalt shingles, for example, but also additional products that ensure the roof is protected and properly ventilated for the long term. GAF, the largest and most impressive roof manufacturer in all of North America, recommends the following roof system additions, as does Simmitri, a GAF’s Master Elite Roof company in Northern California: Roof Deck Protection In addition to providing superior protection against strong winds and rain, roof deck protection will help shingles lay flatter and prevent buckling. As a result, roofs will last longer and look better for the duration of its lifespan. Leak Barrier To provide your roof with a 100 percent watertight seal, proper leak barriers should be used. A quality leak barrier helps protect the interior of the home from costly, damaging leaks. A leak barrier will also help keep your shingles from wrinkling and buckling. Starter Strip Shingles Starter strip shingles help the roofer quickly and efficiently lay the shingles on the roof. By using a starter strip, roof companies can avoid blow-offs and other time-consuming problems, thereby allowing them to complete the roof more quickly. Attic Ventilation Attic ventilation is necessary for maintaining a consistent flow of air through eaves and out through the roof. By maintaining proper air intake and exhaust, one can greatly improve the heating and cooling efficiency of the entire home. Without proper ventilation, damage such as warping can occur, and high humidity can damage the integrity of the home’s structure. To combat this, use of intake and exhaust vents will ensure that the attic is properly ventilated. Ridge Cap Shingles The hips and ridges on a roof are under a higher level of stress than the rest of the roof. Rather than using modified strip shingles, GAF for example recommends the use of high- quality ridge cap shingles that are designed to properly protect these high-stress areas from leaks and damage while also accentuating the ridges of the home. Regardless of the options chosen, one cannot go wrong with the selections offered by a GAF factory-certified Master Elite roof company. Only three percent of all roof contractors in the nation can claim that distinction! Simmitri is a “Master Elite Company” with GAF and is also a SunPower PREMIER Dealer, certified by SunPower to design and install their top-of-the line solar energy solutions. Simmitri, previously Affordable Roofing & Solar, has been exceeding the expectations of hundreds of Solar & Roof customers for decades. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN JULY / AUGUST 2016 57