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Poppy Jasper Wall by Gordon Huether located on north side of parking garage on Third Street.* The Tarantula by Gordon Huether located on the south side of parking garage on Fourth Street.* Waiting for the Train by Marlene Amerian, 2007, depicts Hiram Morgan Hill, his wife, Diana and daughter Diane. Commissioned by Morgan Hill Community Foundation with the Centennial Committee and City. Funded by the Metropolitan Transit Commission and the Morgan Hill Development Agency. Located at the train station & Depot at Third Street. * Funded by Creative Placemaking grand through the Successor Agency, City of Morgan Hill. A nyone who has traveled Europe or Asia is impressed property. The current chair of the committee is Betty “Cassie” by the amount of public art. Even many of the older Castleberry. US cities have impressive displays of public art… the Although not all of the beautiful artwork that adorns Morgan Bull and Bear statues at the New York Stock Exchange, the Rocky Hill is presented here, this sampling may spark an interest in taking statue in Philadelphia, the St. Louis Arch, and Mount Rushmore a ride to see and enjoy seeing these and the many others in person. You may also enjoy additional photos by viewing the Library, to name a few. Morgan Hill, while not on such a grand scale, has made an Cultural & Arts Commission’s online catalog of art projects in inspiring commitment to public art. Public Art is under the Morgan Hill at Although a little dated, the direction of the Library, Cultural & Arts Commission of the catalog contains photos by local photographer, Susan Brazelton City of Morgan Hill. This seven-member commission, in addition and contains many unusual sculptures by David Kimball to its duties relative the Library, consults with private community Anderson, Don Jensen, Kelly “KC” Cash, James Kiburg, Jylian groups supportive of arts programs, arranges city sponsored Gustlin, Paul Loughridge and others. artistic and performance opportunities, stimulates community There is a plan, as noted on their site, that the Library, Cultural involvement in the arts and reviews and recommends works of & Arts Commission will be publishing an art catalogue on City’s art to be acquired by the city and/or to be installed on public website to better promote the collection and create a “virtual tour.” GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN MAY/JUNE 2016 49