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Meet Kassi Swalboski Success In The Fitness Industry Written By Kimberly Ewertz F ive years ago, Gilroy resident Kassi Swalbosk never considered CrossFit as her type of exercise. “I thought it was a bunch of crazy people lifting weights, and being loud, and I never could see myself doing that,” Swalboski said. Then she attended her first class at Brethren CrossFit, in Morgan Hill. “I went in there, and it was just a bunch of average people, that were so friendly, and so nice, everyone,” she said. “That day I was hook, line, and sinker, I loved that class.” Swalboski hadn’t experienced that competitive spirit since playing volleyball at Gilroy High School. “It made me feel excited to be a part of something. I turned into a total gym rat. I loved being there.” Fast-forward four years to present day, and Swalboski has gone from gym member, to CrossFit trainer, to owner of her own CrossFit gym in 2014 when she took over the gym located at First and Wren. Swalboski met the owner of that gym years earlier and the two became friends. When he decided to relocate to Hawaii, he contacted Swalboski. “It all fell into place in two months, maybe even less than two months,” Swalboski said. “August 16 th , 2014, I took the keys, and got into my new space off of Wren. I really believe it was God, he just led me in the right direction.” In late December of last year, Swalboski found out her building was being purchased, and that she would need to find a new space. In early January, with the suggestion from a friend, she found her current location at 8840 Muroaka Drive, in Gilroy. The moment she saw the space she told her friend, “This is it.” The next step was securing the space, which she did in three weeks’ time, instead of the three to six months it normally takes to complete the necessary paperwork. 56 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN MAY/JUNE 2016