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THE VINE Blended, A Winemaker’s Studio S By Larry J. Mickartz omething is happening here…here in our luscious winegrowing region. The Santa Clara Valley has a long history of wine growing. Guglielmo just celebrated their 90th anniversary and they are the oldest continuously family owned and operated winery in Santa Clara Valley. While Kirigin Cellars has had multiple owners it is launching it’s 100th anniversary! Lately the area as seen the influx of new wineries and younger winemakers like Lion’s Ranch, Ross, Miramar, Stefania, and Seeker. New energy can also be seen at Sycamore Creek Winery where Frank Léal is renovating the property. Another sign of newness in the local wine industry is out in the east foothills at the old Kruse winery… Blended, A Winemaker’s Studio. Tom Kruse sold his home and winery as a package. The buyer was interested in the home and farm and had little interest in the vineyards or winery. At this point enter Jeffrey Fadness and Blended. 96 There is a little back-story on Jeffrey. After years of work in the local corporate world, Jeffrey needed some time off to sort out a few of life’s questions. Within a month of starting his sabbatical, Jeffrey was tasting some local wine at Bubbles in Morgan Hill. The owner asked him what he thought of a particular wine. Jeffrey gave his little reflective review. The owner asked if he would like to meet the winemaker! Jeffrey was then introduced to Jason Goetz from Jason Stephens… and the course of Jeffrey’s sabbatical and life for the next few years took an unexpected turn. Jeffrey offered to work for Jason for free for a year, if Jason would teach him about wine and winemaking! A friendship and a road map for Jeffrey was laid out. While learning and working at Jason Stephens, Jeffrey undertook the two-year Winemaker’s Certificate Program offered by UC Davis. Before long Jeffery, the compulsive planner, set-up a five-year plan for his winemaking adventure, which would culminate with GILROY • MORGAN ( "4%D$4$#`6VƖr2vvRB2vW'#GvV'2V&ǒ266VGVVBvW'vW'62FR'GVGFV6PFR'W6RfW&G2BvW'6RWदVfg&Wv2&VGrvR'WBPv2B&VGF6VvRWfV6FP'GVGv2vBR֗`'GVGBrvfR&'FF&VFVBvVW'27GVFVfg&WVVFVB6RFRB7F&RvRVFR6VB6VFFRV&Ɩ2RfVBGv'FW'2vVVFVB6RFR@7F&Rv^( fB6VvR&VFVB2FP'FW'6bVfg&WfFW72bfPF6FRvW2FVBFV&2bVFV&0f֖ǒvW2B&6WbD50fW&G2BvW'FR'FW'2&RBFffW&VB6W2FRv&BbvR'W@6VVBFV6FW"vVVfg&W( 0vRvB&R&VGf"vR'WBPVVFVB6RFRvRB&GV6P6R6RFVBv62֖v@rg&2v&B76&R7&VVvևFF6