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W gmh ell I knew it would happen one day. I now know what is meant by the expression “the perfect storm.” The end of January and first couple of weeks in February managed to present a challenge for us here at TODAY . Larry and I managed to catch the flu bug going around (and yes, we did get our flu shots but to no avail), which made putting on a party for Larry’s father’s 100th Birthday in Los Angeles a little more complicated. Then, we seemed to have a tough a time getting all the pieces together for this issue — I’m going to blame that on other folks experiencing similar complications. And our third piece, although a pleasant one, was the arrival of our new little granddaughter in Littleton, Colorado. So, this issue is late; for the first time in ten years, we missed our deadline. What’s a week among friends! I want to welcome a new writer, Jordan Rosenfeld. Jordan is the author of four writing guides and three novels. Her articles have been published in such places as: Alternet, The Atlantic, Marin Magazine, the New York Times, the Petaluma Magazine, Salon, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Washington Post. We are extremely happy to have her join our TODAY team. We also are happy to welcome a couple of new columnists to our team: Karen LaCorte will be sharing her ideas and advice on etiquette in the 21st Century, Manners Matter. (See page 70). And Vicki Minerva will be helping us all manuever relationships, The Relationship Dance (See page 82). I trust we will all enjoy their insights. A special thanks to my lovely grandaughters for being the models for the article about our South County Libraries (See pages 28-31). We spend a lot of time at the Gilroy Library as we are fortunate enough to live a mere block away. Anyway, it’s nice to have a couple of beautiful young ladies that we can photograph when the need arises. Be sure to read our feature story about Janie and Roger Knopf. (See pages 48-53) We had such a wonderful time touring their lovely home. They are so warm and welcoming; and so much a part of what makes the community of Morgan Hill so special. Enjoy! gmh GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN MARCH/APRIL 2016 9