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Messy Room Madness I t may come as a surprise, but the biggest battle between chart, they receive a small reward. This is especially helpful parents and children isn’t about talking back or for motivating young children. Start out by making a misbehaving, it’s about messy rooms. Parents feel that checklist detailing tasks that are appropriate for your they need to impose some order and kids whine, dawdle, or child’s age, with pictures that they can refer to. It helps if downright go on strike. At the end of the day neither side gains everything has a home, so work together with your child much ground and everyone is left in a bad mood. Fortunately, on labeling boxes and bins and deciding what goes where. there are ways to get your kids to clean their rooms without all of Making the chart interactive, such as with a connect-the- the theatrics. dots scheme or pasting on fun stickers for each completed Before you embark task, will keep your child interested in it. It also helps to on this cleaning use frequent, simple rewards to keep their motivations venture, however, it high. For toddlers, try an end of the hour award; for pre- is important to keep schoolers, end of the day; for school age kids, use end of your expectations the week rewards. A month is an eternity for any child, so very low. A child’s it’s best to keep the goal in sight. Fri, the 16th- arrive Similar to the chart method, you can also try a Ticket room is usually Sat, Mom, and K hang for child bday out with a few “free” tickets. For only place where they Steph System. Start out your Sun 18th- Oli, Maddox and K go to SF have control over each chore that they complete, award them one ticket. You Mon 19th- Oli and Maddox return to Gilroy their environment. It Oli can also them in tickets Tues, 20th- meets K in give SF later day for having a good attitude about or evening is the place that they cleaning. If your child whines or refuses to obey, they lose Fri 23rd- Oli and feel they can Wed, fully 21 through tickets. At the end K of in the day or week, award your child Napa express themselves with a special treat based on the number of tickets they’ve Fri, 23rd- we return to gilroy from napa and they may Sat, be 24th - family collected, an ice c &Vf"ffRF6WG2"G&FV6"7V6V&ǒ0FW &VV7FBFvfPFRfW2f"FV7VF@#WF0"g&PWf"6RЦG2v&24b6G&V&Rf"&R&W76fRFvBvRFFGVW2vRVfRFR&pF'G&2@vBvR666WBvBWRf"FV7F'BW@b"FrFR6&W2FvWFW"F6rFVrFw2&P6ǒWGFrvFRvRR&R6VrWBW"6N( 2ff"ЦbFRW77&ЦFRW626FBFW6VRFBFr6&W2FW6( BfP&GFR67GVǐF&RFVFW2F26VB6&Rw&VBFRF7G&Pv&W"ff"W6fW'6FvFW"6B6FBvR^( &PW"G2vV6ǐv&rFvWFW"^( &R6&FrFW"vFF66fW"FBFWR6VrFRgV2F&VBvB7F'vRFW6RG&6bFV v&FV"֖G2v&Rf7W6VBFRB&FW"Fr&&rFW֖vBF6&W2&R&Vv&FW70fV&W2VFW&VFbvBRFF&7BW"6N( 2FW&W7B&VrFW&PbF6RW2`vFFVv6rW"7W'BBFV6FVF@F2BF'G6FW26Vr6&R&Wv&FrWW&V6R2FWg&F6ǐvWFW"FWV&BFV"v"VVBƗGFRV6V&6f"F@g&RFV6rG2rFRBVW&FW"vff&FRfFVvP&W&RFVf"FR6VvW2bGVFBvVP"FRWv&6rW"6G&VrFVWFV"Fw26fRBFPFN( 2GVRFFFWFRFRF&v旦RvBFWfVRR&RrFPV&FBVWp'7G&7B66WBb( &W76&ƗG( F67&WFR6WB`Fw2VBW2FV"ƗfW2V6W"W'6WW&V6W2&P7F2WfVGVǒFW( 6RF6VRFBFrfpgFVFR&W7BFV6W'2BǒFFWV&fV&RW766&RbFRFw2FWfR2vbvfrfR&6F&WBFR66WVV6W2bW76W72'WBFWF6vFW@FRW2v&fFRf"FV৖RfrFFFr&VG2vfR&Vǒ&BFRWGFrFRW77&Ц77VRv6W6RFRvVFV&WFR( vV66VRW 'F6R'&Vv@VF&Rf"FVR6vF6Eb"vWG6FRB( ХFR'7&VFrvVFV&WFR֖֗W2FRVBbFP7VBgW76r"fvFrGW&6VFfRV2FBW G2v&RVvW"FvWBFR6VrWBbFRv6FBFW6fRF&RV&R7FfFW2FW"WFB2FR6'BFBƗ7G2bFRFw0W"6BVVG2FFvVFW6WFRWfW'FrFP@t$( "$t( "4%D$4$#`vևFF6