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PLACES TO VIEW ART: “Abstract art is non-representable,” says Gary Coleman, an abstract painter and Valle del Sur Art Guild member. His works are currently displayed in Noah’s Bistro and Odeum Restaurant in downtown Morgan Hill, as well as the Morgan Hill Art Gallery. “I may begin with a landscape theme, for instance, but I let the painting take me where it wants me to go. I am more interested in the balance of color and creating motion than depicting a particular subject that people will recognize. I want the viewer to have not only an intellectual reaction but a visceral feeling.” In Coleman’s studio are stacks of com- pleted or in-progress paintings. His earlier works were more representational in theme and demonstrate that he is quite capable of producing realistic, recognizable subjects. “Abstract art is to realism what jazz is to classical music. Jazz musicians may have been trained with a classical background, Art Walk Ffirst Wednesday of every month but are now playing without sheet music, creating art from within themselves.” Laurie Barmore, an abstract artist who is also a Valle del Sur Art Guild member, states on her website that she is intrigued by the form, line and patterns found in nature and of the story they tell. Not the obvious one that defines an object, but the narrative that portrays the intangible, the veiled, the mysterious. “Art is an experience, it’s what moves me and I want the viewer to share that experience,” says Barmore from her Gilroy studio. “I take a theme or idea and abstract from it. People who want to understand an abstract work should sit with it and ask themselves how it makes them feel, what emotions does it bring out?” The casual art fan all the way to the seri- ous collector can discover art reminiscent of the big ]HH^ܚ[H\X[\™ܘX[H][HY[ۜ˂[ܙ[[\[\BLˈXۙ [ܙ[[[ܙ[[\[\KB[H\[X[B H[۝\^H [B[X\[X[KB[H[\\Z[[Y[\Kܙ“YY\ [Z[›YY\ B\[YH[ܙ[[ML H[۝\^HY[ܙ[[\[YK[Z B\[&\\ۙB[ܙ[[\[\ۙKBYH[H[\B͍H[۝\^HY [B  M͍NL ۝X\\΂\H[X[\[PXؙ[ ]\X[X[\\ B]\YH\[ܙB\[ܙP\^ۋ][ܙ[[\[\KB[ܘZY\H[\\HX\Hܚ\B[ܙHوX[\KH™[\[[\\[ۚ\Xœ[KH]\[[ܙ[[]\YH\\[KSH8(SԑSS8(SPTSPT TS MZ^KB