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The Dynamic Dinsmores Y ou’ve seen the names on the burgundy signs and the ads with the attractive man and woman leaning against one of them, but who are Marta Dinsmore and Sean Dinsmore of Intero Real Estate Services? The term “Dynamic Duo” is probably overused, but it captures this mother and son team better than any other description that comes to mind. The Dinsmores are regular contributors to TODAY , offering valuable information, sound advice and timely, relevant insight pertaining to the real estate industry in South County. A native Californian, Marta was raised in Santa Clara County and has been a Gilroy resident since 1964 when her family moved here after her dad purchased Las Animas Ready Mix. After graduating from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, Marta entered a career in the corporate arena and soon discovered that path didn’t at all appeal to her. Eventually, she found that being a real estate appraiser allowed her the time and flexibility to work from home while she raised her three sons and she enjoyed the work. But the challenge of actually selling homes as opposed to providing lenders with their value constantly tugged at her. In 2002, when her youngest son was ten years old she took the leap, starting out in a small firm at first until she joined the forces of Intero in 2004. “I thought that they were a first class company with state of the art technology and good agents,” Marta commented. Following in his mother’s footsteps, Sean also graduated from Cal Poly. His degree was in Computer Engineering, but after ten years working in that field, he came to the same realization Marta did: the nine to five corporate environment just didn’t cut it. According to Marta, “Sean is not your typical engineer; he’s very extroverted.” Any of you who know Marta are probably thinking, “That apple didn’t fall far from the tree.” He and his parents tossed around some alternative career ideas. They all agreed that real estate sales could possibly provide Sean with the ability to connect with people and the world outside the cubicle along with the other perks that being your own boss offers. The Dinsmore business partnership was formed in January, 2015 and Sean hit the ground running. “I had to run pretty fast to keep up with Marta,” Sean remarked. When asked how things were going, Sean jumped in very enthusiastically, “Better than I expected!” Marta agreed, adding that while she’s not a technological dinosaur, Sean has been a huge asset with his computer engineering background, designing and regularly updating their website and offering assistance in navigating the steady stream of new industry technology. “I taught her to use DocuSign™, a feature that allows clients to sign documents electronically,” Sean stated. Marta added, “One of my clients was so excited that she was able to complete her entire transaction on her phone!” When asked to define their motto, “The Power of Two,” Marta and Sean stressed the importance of client contact and responding to their questions and concerns. “We pride ourselves on returning calls, emails and texts usually within an hour. There’s always one of us to help our clients when the need arises. According to Sean, “Two heads are better than one, even if one head belongs to Einstein.” Marta agreed, “When problems or situations arise or we’re trying to gmh 60 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN Written By Linda Estill come up with ideas, we can brainstorm together.” The duo emphasized that they are not in the business of selling houses. They are selling our community, about which they are both extremely knowledgeable, having planted roots here long ago. Helping people get through what can be a very difficult and stressful event in their lives is particularly rewarding for the Dinsmores. They are genuinely passionate about their work. But more importantly, they are passionate about their clients and it shows. Many of them become friends, not just past clients. “We want them t &RF6VRW2bvR'VFRFW"FRw&6W'7F&Rv6gFVV266VFW2ƖRW'2( ЦFVB'F( FvN( 2&vBWBVRf'7BBVFVF6WfPFV"&VW7FFRv2( FB&WGGV67V2WFRF6&P6B66&FrF6V'F( 26V6B6&VW"2fFp'FW"FW2^( 2f&RB2RV&W"2fW"Fv$4$#`vևFF6