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our barracks looked exactly the same and guessed that only one of us was doing all of the knot-tying, but it didn’t matter. The lesson was that if one of us failed, we all failed. We had learned to recognize our individual skills and work together for the greater good. Exactly what a leader must do.” Keen Perspective on Morgan Hill’s Future “Morgan Hill has retained an agricultural and rural feel,” Janie said, and Roger nodded in agreement. “We are blessed with a natural buffer zone with parks and open spaces in every direction. This makes it easier for us to see ourselves as our own community.” “At the same time, the character of our community is changing. Our downtown is so important. We love its ‘walkability’ and local business,” Janie said. “Traffic calming was a good idea. Bringing housing downtown is another big plus.” “Rapid growth makes it more challenging to maintain a cohesive community spirit,” Roger said, “but it can be done. Organizations like Morgan Hill Community Foundation, Leadership Morgan Hill and the Chamber of Commerce encourage local businesses and local leaders to get their feet wet and grow. It’s relationships that will make things work. We can’t think of Morgan Hill as a place. It’s a community.” GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN MARCH/APRIL 2016 Community Service ROGER KNOPF • Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year, 1989 • Leadership Morgan Hill Excellence Award, 2003 • Current Board of Directors, Leadership Morgan Hill • Chairman, Board of Trustees, Regional Medical Center of San Jose • Volunteer, Morgan Hill Historical Society • Member Rotary Club of Morgan Hill (40 Years) • Rotary Club International Paul Harris Fellow JANIE KNOPF • Morgan Hill Chamber of ɍ($]ѡeȁ݅ɐ+$YչѕȰ5ɝ!!ѽɥM+$YչѕȰ1͡5ɝ!+$5ȁIх Ո5ɝ!Ёe̤+$Iх Ո%ѕɹѥAհ!ɥ́)ѽ乍(