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including letters from the Civil War era are a result of Janie’s exploration into her family genealogy. “We trace the family line back to the Daughters of the American Revolution, Winston Churchill, the Mayflower pilgrims, and 11th Century Europe.” Janie’s research revealed that she’s related to fellow Morgan Hill resident and gmhTODAY contributor Sherry Hemingway. Janie also discovered that one of Roger’s ancestors, also a Mayflower pilgrim, was married to one of her ancestors! Tying the Knot – a Lesson in Leadership Roger is widely recognized for his community leadership but is quick to say that he has always received more than he has given by getting involved. He recalled a story from his early 20s as a great lesson in leadership. “I served in the Navy in the 1960s. Bootcamp was tough. It took discipline. Inspections were rigorous. Everything had to be in perfect order at a precise time. Among our tasks was to tie a different type of knot each day, and hang it from our bunks. The other guys in my barracks couldn’t get the knots right, so they took over some of my tasks, and I tied their knots. Every day I tied 30 knots to precise specification, and every knot passed inspection. The officers noticed that every knot in