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from a family of 11 kids. We’ve had Knopf family reunions here with as many as 85 people.” The kitchen is tailor-made for people who love to cook, and the wood stove in the family room has its own story. “One morning during a very dry winter season we lit a fire in the wood stove,” Roger said. “We tamped it before leaving the house for the day. Little did we know that a spark would escape and catch fire on the roof. Thankfully, a passerby saw smoke and called 9-1-1. The fire department doused the fire and saved our house.” It took quite a bit of work to restore a section of their family room after the fire. To this day, a small swath of charred wood remains on a redwood panel near the wood stove. “It’s our little souvenir to remember what happened and how lucky we are,” Roger said with a smile. Also on the property are a cottage in which Roger’s parents lived for 30 years, a separate work building, a beautiful swimming pool and a three-story kids’ playhouse complete with a crow’s nest. The Knopfs’ son David is Acting Assistant Chief with the San Jose Police Department and their daughter Carrie is a neo-natal ICU nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital. On weekends, their five children enjoy spending time at “Grammie and Grampa” Knopf ’s house. It’s hard not to notice the beautiful and sizable Poppy Jasper Rock in the Knopf ’s back yard. Roger gave us the GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN back story. “You can’t find poppy jasper just anywhere, but a vein of it runs through part of Morgan Hill. Years ago, Anthony Goularte, our long-time friend and previous owner of Associated Concrete, was clearing ground on another project when he came across this chunk of poppy jasper. He cleaned and polished the rock and brought it to us as a token of appreciation for our friendship and for Roger’s help on a project in the past. It’s been part of our back yard ever since.” Home is Where the Heart Is Janie’s appreciation for fi ne art and good design is evident as we tour the house, but what really comes through is a sense of the Knopfs’ cherished family history and family life in Morgan Hill. Janie shared some of her artwork, including hand-painted gourds and a stained glass window. Kitchen cupboards dis- play her mother’s cup and saucer collection. An historic flag from Janie’s American flag collection hangs on the kitchen wall alongside a plaque from Roger’s youth as a member of Future Farmers of America. In another room hangs a framed print that lists Roger’s name among the original investors of South Valley Bank. In the master bedroom, a collection of baseball caps highlights the couple’s community involvement as well as their travels. Framed historical documents MARCH/APRIL 2016 51