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A s the world becomes increasingly corporate based and money driven, it’s good to know that there are still some businesses who care more about people than profits. One such business is Redman’s Automotive, a family-run establishment with a homey atmosphere and a whole lot of heart. For Karen and Kevin Redman, the automotive industry has been a part of their lives practically since childhood. Karen’s father, David Pridham, was a shop teacher and football coach well-known in the Gilroy community for his dedication to teaching others. He made sure that Karen and her siblings all knew how to work with car parts and how to change the oil and tires. Meanwhile, Kevin came more from the mechanical repair side of the industry. A jack-of-all-trades, his talents extend to a variety of things including being an aircraft mechanic and pilot, a builder, and an upholsterer. Their skills and know-how complimented each other so perfectly that opening Redman’s Automotive came as a no-brainer. From the start, Kevin and Karen knew that they wanted integrity and honesty to be on the forefront of their business. They had seen how easily people could be tricked or lied to within certain parts of the automotive industry and the injustice of it really bothered them. “Nobody knows everything about cars, especially the technology that’s in them today. So it’s very difficult for the customer to know if they are being taken or not,” explains Karen, “For us it’s like building a relationship. We want to ensure that we’re doing the best that we can for you and be honest and up front.” The fact that Redman’s Automotive is family run ads a great deal of warmth to their business and how they treat their customers. Karen and Kevin raised their son and daughter in the shop, and now their grandchildren are being raised there as well. The atmosphere is so cozy and inviting that it’s almost as if you’re walking into your own home, which is exactly the type of feel that they want for anyone who stops by. “We have single moms come in here and we know their struggle. I think they feel more comfortable in here because I’ve got my wife in here, my daughter’s in here and now the grandkids are here,” Kevin says. The lov H]^H]H܈ۙB[\[^H^[][YB\H[\\[ۈZ\\Y\[\\ٙ\Z\\ۘ[[X\܈[Y\و[Y\[Kۈ[ܙB[ۙH\[ۈ][[\[]B][]Z\Y[[]H[ۈ\܈[[H]\]\^HYYK^HXۚ^B]\H\\و]X][ۜ[H\B[\\\XX[H܈]\[[H[\[^BXZHH\Y\&\Y]HZ\[ܚ]K\[Z[X[\][^[H\[\&H\ Bܚ[ܙ][وH]HY[]\[[][܈[YX\܈[ܙK[H][ۘ[\X\\[K[X[[YX[X\Hۙ\]Y[X[HوZ\]\[\YY\\]Z\HHوۋ\]HZ[[˂][[\[ٝ[Y\YX[&\]][]H\HX[ BYH\ܛK\H^H\HXHX\Y[ܜ܈Z\[\YY\ˈ8'[H[ZH[\[\YY\[\[\[˜[[\YH[H[X[H^\ˈ^H]Y\ۙHق\[\YY\ۙH[YK8&[x&[ۛ]x&\\[\x&\H8&x'H\[]YˈH\HݙH]^H\HXHXXH][\][ۈX]H\[X[\Xœ[[[Yܚ]H]Y\]H[\KY\x&\[][HZ[HHYX[[Z[K]8&\]^H\H\[[H[H۝\][ۂ[[[H[HوZ\[][]K^HYHZ\\Y\\\ۈH\ ]\[HH^B[Z[[H[]ۛ˂'HHZ[[][ۜ\[ۛ[H\KBZH]H[[^H\Y\H\H[]H[Hܛ\HܙH[[[[H]Hۛ[\K8'H\[^\ˈH[Z[H[XZ\H[وZ[˜\XXK]\[x&\HH\[\Y\܈[H\]H]][]H]Y\[ۜ^H\H[^\[[[][H[[[HY\H]XXH][ۜ˂\[[][[[Y\H\[\[H[Z[B[^Hܝ\\[YX[&\]][]HۂZ\ۋ\ۋ[Z\]Y\[XK^Hۛ]Z\[[[۝[YHHY][ۈوZ[[ۙ\ YܙXHXH][H[[Hۋ\[YX[]Y[YY \XHX[Y\SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSPT TS MZ^KB