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The current Gilroy Library opened its doors in 2012 and is designed to meet “green building” enhancements which help save on energy costs. Yoshimura said the catalog system, which is the library district’s backbone for delivering information and services, is currently in the process of being updated. “It takes time because it’s being done while the library remains up and running.” people to explore relevant issues together through selected works of fiction and non-fiction. Selections for 2016 introduced readers to what’s been dubbed as eco-fiction, with “Sherwood Nation” and “Memory of Water,” two books that touch on the impact of environment on our lives. The authors of these books will be visiting South County libraries in March to talk about their books (visit your local library website or for details). The Morgan Hill Library opened in 2007 and is currently in the midst of a much-needed expansion to address increased library traffic and limited space for storage and activities. Expansion plans call for construction to be undertaken in five phases over the next several years. (See Plan Below). Tomasso pointed out that community support for Measure A made it possible for the Morgan Hill Library to continue operations with expanded hours and services. She also noted that the library’s recent return on investment study showed that for every dollar spent by the library district, the local community receives $2.50 to $5.17 in direct benefits. Tomasso emphasized that “when there’s an interest in the community, our libraries look into it and do our best to provide programs.” Her motto, like Yoshimura’s, is “Just Ask Us.” Library on Wheels Those who watched last year’s Holiday Parade in Gilroy may have noticed the Santa Clara County Library Bookmobile and library staff making their way along the parade route. “We deliver books to residents who are in senior housing as well as others who have no transportation,” Yoshimura said. “They gain access to library resources, and we get a chance to learn more about how we can serve them.” Green and Growing Both Morgan Hill and Gilroy Library facilities are owned by their respective cities. They are well-lit, ergonomic and welcoming spaces. New Morgan Hill Library Expansion Project PHASING DESCRIPTIONS AA A PHASE 1 VIEW ELEV 5'-9" B 11'-0" C 22'-0" D 22'-0" 22'-0" E G 22'-0" H 44'-0" 9'-0" J K 13'-0" 22'-0" 6 6 PERIODICALS / QUIET READING 130 GARDEN 144 TEENS CHILDREN'S READING 134 ACTIVITY 143 PHASE 2 5 5 STORYTIME 142 ADULT BOOKSTACKS 131 PHASE 3 INFORMATION DESK / LOBBY 132 4.4 - 1,700 sq. ft. additional Adult Bookstacks area - 1,900 sq. ft. Periodicals / Silent Reading area L OVERHEAD SECURITY GATE 4 4 CLASSROOM 145 MECHANICAL 129 VIEW ELEV CHECK OUT AREA 3 3 STAFF. REST. 125 TELECOM 122 STORAGE 127 SUPPLIES 118 MAINT. 119 CORR. 123 JANITOR 120 2 STAFF. REST. 124 STUDY 1 147 STUDY 3 148 CIRC DESK 109 GROUP STUDY 126 STUDY 2 146 COMMUNITY OFFICE 111 STORAGE 150 CIRC DESK OFFICE 110 CART STORAGE 140 L 2 PROG. SUPPORT 104 STAFF WORKROOM 115 CONF. ROOM 114 PROGRAM ROOM 103 CHILDREN OFFICE 112 STAFF LOUNGE 116 PROG. STORAGE 105 MATERIALS SORTING 106 ENTRY 101 LOBBY 102 STUDY 4 149 DELIVERIES 117 1.5 - Larger Program Room (additional 750 sq. ft.) - Remodel book drop off with improved, safer lighting BOOKSTORE 107 MEN'S RESTROOM 136 OVERHEAD SECURITY GATE PHASE 5 VIEW ELEV SORTING 108 COPY ROOM 139 ELECTRICAL 128 - 1,200 sq. ft. additional staff work area and storage - Remodel existing staff area to create a more efficient workspace - Addtional Group Study space and classroom / training room WOMEN'S RESTROOM 135 FAMILY REST. FAMILY REST. 138 137 LANGUAGE PHASE 4 4.4 CHILDREN'S BOOKSTACKS 133 480 sq. ft. bookstore (170% increase in sq. sf.) 600 sq. ft. sorting area (315% increase in sq. ft.) Book intake & shipping area for online sales Cart storage near staff and sorting area - - - - H4 22'-0" - 2,800 sq. ft. Children’s Storytime and Activity Area - 2,000 sq. ft. additional Children’s reading and bookstacks - Exits into patio, Children’s reading area, or parking A3 ADULT OFFICE 113 1.2 1 READING GARDEN 0.5 AA A A3 B C D E 0.5 - 1,500 sq. ft. outdoor area can be completed during any phase - Provide unique reading area for families, children’s activites, and community events. NOT TO SCALE /26/2015 H VIEW ELEV F F3 7'-6" H8 J K G 14'-6" NEW FLOOR PLAN MORGAN HILL LIBRARY EXPANSION NEW FLOOR PLAN GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN W ESTON M ILES MORGAN HILL LIBRARY EXPANSION PROJECT 31 A R C H I T E C T S MARCH/APRIL 2016 • Architecture • Landscape •