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community DIGEST Jared Huddleston Written By Jordan Rosenfeld not only because he’s often accompanied by his well-known grandfather, Morgan Hill Mayor, Steve Tate, but at six-foot-fi ve, he towers above most people. With height like his, it’s no wonder the high school senior has been playing football since Freshman year at Christopher High, the sport that is his self-pro- claimed passion. “I’ve had a natural ability to play football,” Huddleston says. “It was something that was always just in me.” When he isn’t playing football, he likes to watch recordings of games—be they his own team, or college football, which he watches in slow motion so he can analyze their strategies. His commitment and physical acuity have won him more than a few honorable mentions in his school’s football league and even a “most valuable player of offensive linemen.” His social nature accords well with a sport that requires constant teamwork. “I like talking to people, so having a big group around me is awesome.” His role as left tackle, supporting the quarterback against a physical blind spot, has thematic resonance for a young man whose life goals include supporting the public through service. Though he’s learned a lot from his grandfather’s political service, his inter- ests lie more in protecting people, as either a fire fighter or police officer. What he loves about football is not unlike what he likes about his intended future career. A recent ride-along for a day in a firehouse clinched it as the direction he’d like his career to go. “I love that [in a firehouse] there’s a bunch of people, guys all cracking jokes one minute, then, when you get a call it’s all game face and serious business,” he says. “Then you have your after the game relaxing in the house.” He is enrolled in San Mateo College’s Fire Academy, where he will study fi re technology and EMT training in the fall. He plans to live at home the fi rst couple of years, but ultimately, he’s got his eyes on the future. “I’m always talking about the future, coming up with ideas, and planning for it. I can’t wait to get the career, the house, the wife, the family.” WHEN 18-YEAR-OLD JARED HUDDLESTON walks into a room, people notice. It’s Jared with grandfather, Morgan Hill Mayor Steve Tate Congratulations to first place winner, Nikhita Gopisetty of Oakwood High School (second from the left), Channing Bushman of Oakwood High School, second place and Austin Flower of Central High School, recognized for third place. 26 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN THE ROTARY CLUB OF MORGAN HILL together with Rotary Clubs of District 5170 sponsored the Richard D. King Annual Youth Speech Contest at the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center during the regular Rotary meeting. Dan Makinstir, host and lead Rotarian for this event explained that this year the seven student participants represented all four of our Morgan Hill high schools: Ann Sobrato, Oakwood, Live Oak, and Central. The theme for the speech was: “Be a gift to the World.” Each contestant had four minutes to incorpo- rate the theme and at least one aspect of the Rotarian four way test. This year, some speakers touched on hav- ing personal aspirations to lead the charge in being a gift to the world by service, while others used the opportu- nity to express gratitude toward gifts of the world that currently exist. In the end, it is important to note that all seven contestants are sure to make a powerful and posi- tive impact in the future. First place winner, Nikhita Gopisetty, of Oakwood High School will advance to the Area level. MARCH/APRIL 2016 HILL ROTARY Morgan Hill Rotary Announces Youth Speech Contest Winners