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community DIGEST Morgan Hill Rotary Annual Dictionary Give-A-Way ON JANUARY 28TH, MEMBERS of the Morgan Hill Rotary Club met to unpack and prep for distribution over 900 dictionaries that were scheduled to be distributed to third grade students at each of the Morgan Hill public and private schools, as well as home-schooled students during the week of February 22-26. Each year the club has given the dictionaries in hopes of encouraging and supporting literacy. The process of looking up a definition in a hard-bound dictionary teaches alphabetical organization, how to use guide words, spelling patterns, word meanings and parts of speech. A children’s dictionary teaches a child far more than just how to spell a word. Barrel Tasting THE WINERIES OF SANTA CLARA VALLEY hosted the Super Barrel tasting event on February 6. More than 100 wine lovers enjoyed tasting u &VV6VB&V֗VvW27G&vBg&FP&'&VBfW"FVvW&W2VrFP7Bv&vVW2&&V( vFW.( vVFW v&R62Bf6F'2ƖRFGfFvRbF2&&R'GVGFF7FPvW2&Vf&RFW&RWfV&GFVBvW&W06VFVB7&VVfWrfW&G2f'FvW'wVvƖVvW'"fW&G2bvW2&v6V'2ƖvFV'B6V'2'F&6vW'&v6V'2&vW'6Ɨ2vW'B7VƗB2vW'WrFFR6vR66VR2&VFVBvVW.( 07GVF6&6VBbF&VRvW&W3D50fW&G2BvW'fRF6FRvW'BVFV&2f֖ǒvW2VfbfFW72`fRF6FRvW'B&VFVB62( &FVBBvW&RfW'vVVB'FRvV6PvR&V6VfVBg&FR6vR6VGBFR&W76RFW"W6֖rvW2v^( &PVFW67F6ǒ&W&rf"FRW6֖p77'BWfVB&6#( У#@t$( "$t( "4%D$4$#`vևFF6