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Gilroy Getting Involved It would be hard not to know that we are in an election year. We are already being bombarded with electioneering on every front; national, state and even local. City elections this year have several open positions. Gilroy has a seven- member council including the mayor. In 2016, the mayoral seat as well as three council seats will be available. In Morgan Hill there are fi ve council members, including the mayor. The mayoral seat and two council positions will be up for vote. Running for a city seat may be a little more than most might be willing to take on, but there are other opportunities for civic-minded folks. Both Gilroy and Morgan Hill have numerous boards and commissions that need members, and both are either in the process of filling current open positions or somewhere in the cycle. Many people have used participation on one of these committees or commissions as a testing ground for their desire to be on city council. In Morgan Hill, contact the City Clerk’s office at 408.779.7259, or or download our online application. In Gilroy the city website has information on the various openings. Check the Boards & Commissions web page or contact the City Clerk at 408.846.0204 or for more information. Arts and Culture Commissioners serve a four-year term. The Arts and Culture Commission is a seven-member body that is responsible for advising the Recreation Department and the City Council on all matters pertaining to cultural and artistic activities to encourage, promote and stimulate the growth of broad based arts in the community. BICYCLE PEDESTRIAN COMMISSION Meets 4th Tuesday Eldon Chappell, Chairperson GENERAL PLAN ADVISORY COMMITTEE Meets 2nd Wednesday Perry Woodward, Chairperson Bicycle Pedestrian Commissioners serve a four-year term. This fi ve-member Commission advises staff and the City Council on matters related to bicyclists and pedestrians including studying problems, activities and concerns of bicyclists and pedestrians, and providing input on bicycle and pedestrian issues in the community. General Plan Advisory Committee is a 22-member committee. They make recommendations to the City Council on issues related to the General Plan. HISTORIC HERITAGE COMMITTEE Meets 3rd Wednesday Toby Echelberry, Chairperson BUILDING BOARD OF APPEALS Meets As Necessary John Almash, Chairperson Building Board of Appeals members serve four-year terms. The Building Board of Appeals is a fi ve-member Board which meets as necessary to address matters pertaining to building and construction and hears all building appeals as set forth by the City Charter. The Board is comprised of four persons qualifi ed by experience and training, and one public member. COMMUNITY AND NEIGHBORHOOD REVITALIZATION COMMITTEE Meets 3rd Wednesday Patty Pena, Chairperson The Community and Neighborhood Revitalization Committee consists of seven 64 -members who serve four-year terms. The committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Housing and Community Development Division of the Community Development Department in matters pertaining to CDBG and HTF funding allocation; studies the needs of the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy; annually recommends allocations of CDBG and HTF program funding awards that are forwarded to the City Council for approval; and performs such other duties related to CDBG and HTF matters as may be proscribed by the City Council. ARTS AND CULTURE COMMISSION Meets 2nd Tuesday L. Mattock Scariot, Chairperson GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN MARCH/APRIL 2016 Historic Heritage Committee consists of fi ve members who serve a two-year terms. The purpose and intent of the Historic Heritage Committee is to act as an advisory board to the City Council and Planning Commission on issues relating to the identifi cation, protection, retention and preservation of historic sites and historic neighborhoods in the City of Gilroy. HOUSING ADVISORY COMMITTEE Meets 2nd Wednesday Jan Bernstein Chargin, Chairperson Housing Advisory Committee members serve a two-year term. This nine member body is comprised of community stakehold- ers tasked with reviewing housing policies, programs and making recommendations to the City Council on housing-related matters.