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and a variety of wild birds and mammals, including eland, bontebok and springbok antelopes, mountain zebras and ostriches. For me the day’s highlight was a group of male weaver birds, hanging upside down from their beautifully woven nests, flapping their wings and calling to attract females. Later, we stopped to enjoy the brilliant turquoise waters of Langebaan Lagoon. Large numbers of waders are known to winter here. We [Y]ܜ]BY[Z\]\[[\]ܜ[H[]Y[YوܙX]\[\\[Z[YY[[H][X\K\وY[\[]X˜[]HX[XYH܈HXX[\\^H\^H\Yݙ\XY ۈ\\^H\H\ܛ\ H\B]YH\[][ۘ[[X[\[]XH[[Z[YH[\K[Y\X]]Y[\[H\Y]Hو\š[Y[H\HY\\]][ܙY BXHۙZ[[XKX\Y[\X\H[Z[\][&]ݙ\ZB\[[Z[ؚ\ˈ\[]H[[’\[\]\[ݚYYY[HXB\ZHYY[[Hܛ\XX˜[ܛ[HZ[Y\B][[YK]\[X[Bۙ\]HYY[[\[X\XB[KۙH[ܙH][HۈHX]\ XYٙSH8(SԑSS8(SPTSSPTKёPPTH MZ^KBM