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went on our first safari. As tourists we were instructed to remain in the tour vehicle. However, bathroom breaks out in bush country meant going off alone, which made me nervous, especially at sunset! Our Land Rover had no roof or side walls, making me wonder which one of us would look most delicious to a predator. The Rover had plenty of room, making it easy to move around and take pictures without leaving the vehicle. Without warning, our driver went off- road through bushes and rocks to stop a short distance from a he &BbVWG2vR66rFVW2v&ffW2&6&6W&2BvFW"'VffW6WBf FRfW'Vr2FRW&G2&Fǐ6VVVBFF6RW2v27F'FVBBFPf'7B6vBb&VFF'2V"W"fV6R6VFrV&G2BƖ2W7V6ǐ66RW"G&6W"vv2&VfW'&VBF0FR( 66( v26VFVBFRBbFPfV6RRW7BfRBW'fW2b7FVVfW"FRWBfW"F2vRvVB6WfVvRG&fW2B6rbFR( &pff^( 2Rbג7BV&&PWW&V6W2v26VVrfW"V&G07FƶrFV"&W&W7FrV"@6Ɩ&rG&VW2FR&r6G2&RVWB7FFVǒBw&6VgV2vRvF6VBg&W"fV6R26WfW&g&6VWG2r&vRW&B&Vvt$( "$t( "4%DतT%dT%%T%#`G'VWFrB6&vr&VBF7GW&&V@'FRf'&F2b&vR&B7&WrG'V60'V&ƖrFv&BW2VFrFRW&BvW&PV&W2G&2vf"FV"&ƗGFfBvFW"BfVVFr7G2fvV@'6W"'V2BWfVW2g&RFfW"V'2BRWfVRƖgFVB2G'V氦B6&vVBBW2'WBFV&f"6fW &VB2FW"FW"G&fRvR6R7&72ffP( &6V.( 6R'VffFW6RVFG&W'&V7G2&R&WWFVBF&RR`g&6( 27BFvW&W222vPvF6VBFW66VB&2FFWFW&֖PvvVB&RrbFRVBR&VFǒN( 2FV"g&WVVB66W2F@vևFF6