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A Photographer’s Reflective Return Home Brent Bear grew up on the family ranch, Bear Ranch in Morgan Hill. He’s part of the Harvey Bear family! Brent has 46-year experience as a photographer. Over the years, he has had a studio in Los Angeles and traveled the world on photo assignments for the LA Times and others… taking him to England, Switzerland, Israel, Singapore, Quebec to name a few. He was commissioned by the US Olympic Committee to work the 1984 Olympics in LA, which also led him to Korea to do work for the ‘88 Olympics there. Brent is a quiet man and a talented photographer who is on a quest to document the family homestead and to capture the beauty and elegance of the family’s land. His journeys around Bear Ranch are of a nostalgic nature and convey a reflective tone. Some of his Bear Ranch images have been shown in galleries around the US including Carmel and, he hopes to show them soon in New Orleans. Harvey Bear Ranch is now part of the Santa Clara County Parks system but it is also a working cattle ranch, with all the traditions and work associated with cattle ranching. Part-time cowboys come from all around to help with the cattle drives.. The Ranch is home to spectacular vistas and beautiful imagery big and small. One of Brent’s recent projects centers on a stand of willows at a location on the ranch he chooses to keep secret. Some of these detailed and haunting images have sold at auction in Carmel. A gallery in New Orleans is considering them for an upcoming show. In a world of bold colors and contrast his subtle, detailed images are calming. 86 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 Amazing Vistas