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Shyness … for goodness sake E very child has bashful moments from time to time. Some kids, however, are naturally shy. Parents often wonder what to do about their child’s shyness. Should they let their children be shy or should they try to “bring them out”? The good news is there is absolutely nothing wrong with being shy. In fact, there are a lot of great things that come from shyness. Depending partly on how it’s handled, shyness can either be a help or a handicap to children. self-dislike. It is important to get behind the eyes and into the mind of your child. Things might look very different from that perspective. The more you empathize with your child and help her feel good about herself, the more her self-esteem will grow. Sudden Bouts of Shyness Sometimes a child may become shy practically overnight and his parents are left wondering what they’ve done wrong. Typically, if this happens between the years of two and four there’s probably nothing to worry about. Children at this age tend to The Virtues of Shyness go through a second phase of stranger social anxiety Many people who don’t understand shyness and they become afraid of people they don’t know. interpret it as a problem. They think that a shy Fri, 16th- arrive Social retreating is a normal stage of development. As child must suffer from a poor self-image or Sat, Mom, Steph and K hang out for bday long that they lack social skills. In truth, many shy Sun 18th- Oli, Maddox and as K you go to are SF patient and give your child plenty of encouragement and space, he’ll blossom once again. Mon 19th- Oli and Maddox return to Gilroy children have a very solid sense of self. They Tues, and 20th- Oli meets K in If SF FW FFW 6B7VFFVǒ&V6W2vFG&vW&FRg&6RbVWB6fFV6P"WfVpBVWBB֖vB&R6vFB6WF~( 2vpW"V6RvR66B@&RFPvVB#F&Vvg&#7&BƒBVFW"B66"BRvVFǒ'&67BFƶFfRrw&Wb2VW'2P7V&V7@2GFVFfRƗ7FVW"vWVFW2vV6Pg&#7&BvR&WGW&FFPv&g&vFW"6BbFW&R26WFp6B#GFf֖ǒV6"V&ǒFW G&V&ƖpfrW"V6FF7W'@&W6V6RFBW22&RWG&fW'FV@g&VG07V#WF02FRf'7B7FWFfrBfVV6f'F&Rv&24b"g&P6G&Vv&R6FVBF&R6Vb&VƖBGVW2vRVfRFR&prFVW"6@FVvFgVBVFWF2FWfR7V6vRB2FVFrFvBFVFR66B7G&r6V6RbW"V6RFBFWN( 2'FBFWBW"&66GVF2BW &R&VV7FBFVFFVǒ6&RFBvFv6R6B6( B&RVVBWBb6W727G&vW'2FVvFW֖vB&R6rFv&ЦBgFVVff'G2F'&rFVWBv6W6RFVЧWFVR6RFWFFW&R6&֖pF&V6WfVgW'FW"7FVB7&VFR6f'F&PB6RF&R&VBFWfRFVW6V6PVf&VBFBWG2W"6N( 266W'6ƗGb6&rBfV&R6vG2F6&RFWfVGW&ǒRbFR&W7BFw2R6F2FfB&VƖrW"6B2( 6( W7V6ǒआr62F6g&BbW"W"6BFFRFW&V06WFW26W72&R&W7VBbVvFfPFBFW&^( 26WFrw&rvFW"BF2vWW&V6W2BW"GW&Vff'BFRW"fVVWfV&R67FVBW6R6W"&Pv&BfbGF6266Vb֖vRFW6P67W&FRFW&2FFW67&&RW"6BƖR( &fF^( Ц6G&Vv6WFVǒvFG&rg&66"( &W6W'fVN( 6WGFw2FWFVBFfBWR6F7B@b6W'6RFR&W7BFrR6Ff"W fRBb&Vf&&&V2gFVFW6P6B2FvfRW"G2bVw2B7W'B6G&V&RW&Frg&6RbvW FVv66G&V&R6rFv&ЦBfV"7FVBbV6RBG'W7BbRWF7G&vW'2B&R6WFW2&WB66&WBFR&Vf"^( W7VǒfBFBFW&VF62FW&R6V6FfRFVWǒ6&pfRBF&Rw'&WBখFfGV2vFBbvBFw2FvfRFP&FW"FFR6VbFBFWF( @v&Bv&RvVFW"6R&V6W6Rb"W"ƖR6R6G&VvW6RFR( 6( Ц&V26VBFW&WG&VBF&ЧFV7FfR6VBW6RFV"( 6( &V2'F6R'&Vv@&V6vFW&RBFWfVr66FR'62BWW&66rFVf"FW6R6G&V6W722F6FB&Vf&6W2FV"vV6VbW7FVVFW6R6G&VW7V6ǒVV@&VG2FW6G'W7BvF66ƖRvFBFW2BVBFFW&ƗVBvW"