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A Gift To Ourselves T his is a very special article for me to write for a number of reasons. It is a week before Thanksgiving — a holiday for all to express their gratitude to friends and family and to our Creator for all the wonderful blessings that we enjoy. The weather has turned cooler with a definite chilliness as we start our days, the change of seasons suggesting a slow down in the pace of our hectic lives, and the first rains have come greening up the hillsides and our long parched landscape. I decided that the best thing to do before sitting down at my key- board was to take a creekside walk to clear my thoughts of all the day-to-day busyness and to absorb the warmth of the sun and the sweet air. I am not usually so enthusiastic about writing, but something so important to me personally, and I believe to all who call the Valley of Hearts Delight their home, was announced in the headlines of our local newspapers. The Santa Clara County Parks Department, the Open Space Authority, and a number of other land-use organizations, working for years, have created a vast, continuous expanse of permanent open space along the eastern border of Santa Clar 6VGF66RFR7Bv7F&2W"Ц66R&V6VFǒv26WFVBFRfF0&fR&vB6FRfWV&vW'2w&FRFR66PW&7W'FB( &V6WfVFW2FR6R`6g&666B#7&W22r&VV&W6W'fVBg&FWfVVBB2&VvǐS֖R7G&WF6g&V'r6R7FFP&v&F6fW&2&W6W'f"'Fb֖F2BFRVF6F6&6VGƖR( vFFR7@fWrvVV2FRV76RWF&GW&66VB6vf6B&6Vg&VFV@FV6vW2r6FR&FvRBFP6F6&6VG&&Bb7WW'f6'0&fVBFR7V6Fb6FPvG2B6FR6&6F&RvVB'6VG&2B2rvgBFW'6VfW2FRVR`6F6&6VGG'VǒFW6&RF&W6W'fPFR&W7BbW"G66W2Bǒf W'6VfW2'WBf"gWGW&RvVW&F2vv6vVFRBFRFR6FRvG2&6V0&VVגFVvG2f"6WfW&V'22@v26RFRRb6&W2B6&Vvr2FR6WRfVBg&ХFVFFR&VFfVǒ&VFRЧ6FRFRF&&vRb6WFW&6F6&6VGFWVBFV"6PFRWfW"WfW"&6BVvr7&w26&W2Vvrv2FW&FǐfW2fVFWfR7F"Bf7F"&V6&Fp'F7BvBVVR&ƗGF6r&&@622g&VG626VFVBV"'W'&Vv2VwW7FR&FG&WpBFRfVFW'2bFR6fRbFP&VGvG2VwVR7BVR6ǒFBrFV6&WB6&W2Vvr'WB2FRv26vf6BW'6ƗGW"6VG'( 2V&ǒVff'G2F&W6W'fR@&W7V7BW"GW&&W6W&6W2גvWfW t$( "$t( "4%DतT%dT%%T%#`66RFRזV"fW'6'b2'&fW&R2&VVF6RƖvB27F'B2W76vRb&W76&RBWF67FWv&G6bFRB6FRvG2B6FR6&62gWGW&R&G2vƖV'r6R7FFR&vFFW'6R@6FRԆ'fW&V"6VG&2@FN( 2BGW&rFRc( 2vƖХVGB"FVFRvVW&vW"f FRV7B&&Vv&F7G&7BfFV@FVbG&77FVFBvVBpvƶW'2WVW7G&2B&76Ɨ7G2FG&fW'6PFRVF&R&&VrW"&FvVƖW2FW"r2F&V7F"bFRF&6W'f6RR&FVBF2&V7BBFRv&G2bvV&vV( &G@Vf6VBC֖RG&Ɩ涖rbFP6VFW2bFR&&VfvrFP&FvWF26V7FrFR6VFW0Bǒ66ǒ'WB67&GVǒ@vVBFV7G&FRrVFFW26fP&WBFV"v6Vf6fWw2bFRv&@Bv&Fv&B6v( vFF@7&FR&&V&FvRG&6V6v0f&VBBWfW"66RB2&VV7G&frFgVf&GN( 2G&VFRG&V2rVvR7FW66W"F&V6֖r&VƗGW7V6ǒ6F6&6VGB&rFR2&FW"FW"6VGf"WGFrW"WvW&PW"V'G2&R( 2vW&RvRƗfRV6RFP6RFRFWW&V6RFRG&V7W&W2vPfR&vBWG6FRW"F'v2RvfVV6V6&WGFW" * *vևFF6Ф4TEw&GFV'֖R&P