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Chamber of Commerce Notes From The President Vanni Humprey Certified Public Accountants By Mark Turner, President /CEO, Gilroy Chamber of Commerce T he Board of Directors of the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce selected the annual award recipients who will be recognized at the Spice of Life Awards Dinner scheduled for Saturday, February 6, 2016 at San Juan Oaks Golf Club. The stories of these individuals will inspire you. In a season where giving is the norm, you will find these individuals give year round. They give their time, energy and resources. They give the gift of help, encouragement, and support. Each year a common theme that seems to emerge with all of the Business and Civic Award winners is that of giving back to the community. Involvement and participation are critical to the ongoing efforts of a healthy and vibrant community and these award winners are doing their part. The 2016 field of award recipients exercise their leadership through a servant leadership model. Each of these individuals and organizations can be found serving others and the "6VG&VwV"&62FRv&6&W"b6W&6R2&VBFV6RFP#b'W6W72B6f2v&BvW'3VvF6F( 2bFRV 'V6( 2vbFRV "fG2( 2&vR'W6W72bFRV B6G&W7FW&B( 26'W6W72bFRV G"&666W&6Bv&v66( 2VGV6F"bFRV &fW2( 2f&"f&W2fVFVW"bFRV v&&F'6V"( 2&fBbFRV W726FW&B'&FVV&W&p( 27W6fVFWFVFW'6v&@6w&GVF2FV6bFW6RFfGV2B&v旦F0f"FRfRv&FWFvfr&6FFR6VG&W&W6VFrFBv&2FffW"`V&W6W'FfVBV&Ɩ266VFG02666VFrB&VWrf&ЧFB&FW2G6Vb&fFrW'6ƗVB&fW76BvVFvV&R6W'f6RFW&VƖWfPFRfVRb&VF62FWfWrWfW'6ƖV@&VF6ƖR'FW'6BG'Vǒ&VƖWfRFV 7V66W722&6VBFR7V66W72bFV"6ƖVG2VfB'V&W&R6֗GFVBF&fFr66RW'6GFVFFFV"6ƖVG2FWfRV'2bGf6VBG&rFV66WW&V6RBf67VVFV"6FVfW7FVBbFRB&W6W&6W2&fW766FVrVGV6F7FBbFR'B6WFW FV6wBWFV6fR'W6W72&VF620F6FfRbFV"6֗FVBFW6VV6RFRf&bfV&WffW'2vFR&vPb6W'f6W2FFV"FfGVB'W6W726ƖVG26VFs66VFrB&VWr6W'f6W2W7FFRrBF&W&FFfGVFrB&W&F'W6W7267VFp6W'f6W2'W6W72FrB&W&FpvFW'6f6r6W'f6W2FR&fW767Ffb2f&RF767BRvF66VFrVVBRfRFW&R6FV@Bs3r7G&VWBv&6F7BFVBCУCrC3C""f文V&Wf文V&W66R'W6W726WF0ct$( "$t( "4%DतT%dT%%T%#`vևFF6