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INDIVIDUAL HEALTH INSURANCE Open enrollment is in full swing for the individual market now. You have until January 31st to make your fi nal change, even if you’ve already made a plan change. Very few counties have added new carriers. For most people, their options haven’t changed much. It’s really all about what plans your doctor accepts fi rst, then choosing the best plan for your needs. If you choose the reverse way, you could choose a plan your doctor doesn’t accept, which will leave you very disappointed when you show up at your doctor’s offi ce, to be told they don’t accept your plan. Beware that your doctor can also choose to stop accepting a plan mid-year. There is nothing you can do about that, nor make a plan change mid-year to follow your doctor. By Michele Campbell, Independent Agent Michele has been in the insurance business for over 25 years and special- izes in the Medicare, individual health and life insurance. She is passionate about helping her clients to find the right plan to fit their needs. She is an active member of the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce, Gilroy Rotary and Gilroy Leadership Class of 2015. Visit or call 408.848.2271. MEDICARE INSURANCE Medicare annual open enrollment period closed December 7th, how- ever, if you’re not happy with the Medicare Advantage plan you chose, Medicare offers a “Dis-enrollment Period” where you can dis-enroll from an Advantage plan. You have to do this between Jan 1st and Feb 14th and then your insur- ance converts back to original Medicare, Parts A & B, and this allows you to add a drug plan and if you qualify, pick up a Medicare Supplement plan. (to supplement your Medicare A&B) During this Dis-enrollment period, you cannot switch to another Medicare Advantage plan, you can only do what is just mentioned above. 60 ON EXCHANGE: Covered California (California’s Exchange) came about under the section of the Affordable Care Act called ObamaCare, and is the Marketplace where an individual can shop around and compare different insurance plans. Covered CA is the only place to get fi nancial assistance with health insurance in California. The lower your income, the higher the fi nancial assistance you get. You can pick and choose to see what best fi ts you and your fam- ily. (If you have no income or your income is below a certain threshold, you will qualify for MediCal.) Not only can the fi nancial assistance lower your premium, but can also lower your deductible and co-pays. For certain levels of income, not only are your monthly premiums low, but your out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare and medicine are quite low also. THE METAL TIERS Bronze: On average, your health plan pays 60 percent of your medical expenses, and you pay 40 percent. Silver: On average, your health plan pays 70 percent of your medical expenses, and you pay 30 percent. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN In some cases, individuals may qualify for an Enhanced Silver plan. This means that when they choose a Silver plan, they have – based on their income – enhanced out-of-pocket savings through lower co-pays, coinsurance and FVGV7F&W2FfGV2FW6R6fw06FVv&W2vWBFR&VVfG2bvB FVf"FR&6Rb6fW FRF&VR6FVv&W2bV6V@6fW"FR2VFW"BW&6VBrW&6VB"s2W&6VBbWV6W2vFFRV&VR&W76&Rf"FR&W7BvCfW&vRW"VF2W&6VBbW"VF6WV6W2BP#W&6VBFVӢfW&vRW"VF2W&6VBbW"VF6WV6W2BRW&6VBखFFFFFRWFFW'26fW&V@6Ɩf&ffW'2֖V6fW&vRf"F6RvVƖg֖V6fW&vRb^( &RVFW 3R&R&RF'WFFFVF7W&6RF6VB֖ЦV6fW&vRFW6R2W7VǐfRvW"&V֗V2B7Fǒ&FV7@Rg&v'7B66R66V&2֖VЦ6fW&vR2F&Vv6fW&VB6Ɩf&6fW"F&VRF7F"f6G2"W&vVB6&Pf6G26VFrWGFVBVFVF7V'7F6RW6Rf6G2vFWBb6W@67G2Bg&VR&WfVFfR&VVfG2FW"6W'f6W2v&RgV&6R'WBBFPVvFFVBWGv&&6RVFP7VBCbÃSgFW"v6WGv&6W'f6W2&R6fW&VBBW&6VBdbU4tSbRFBVƖgf"f6767F6RFW&R2VVBFW&66PW"F&Vv6fW&VB4R6vF&V7FǒFFR7W&6R6 F&Vv7W&6RvVBFW&66RBFRƖ6F2V66'FW"0Rv( BfRF7WǒƗ7BbW'6f&FW"W6VB@6RFW&R&R6&R2f&PfbW6vS6R7W&6R6W0F( BvBF'F6FRFRW6vPBFW&RB&WV&VBFTDE$2DTD2&RV&VFFVB2F&Vv6fW&VB4BvffW"7WVVFFVF6fW&vRf"GVG2FR#bV"F&VvFf֖ǒFVF2तT%dT%%T%#`vևFF6