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Theater Scene Now Playing One Man Show “TRU” to Feature Seasoned Local Actor The MOMologues January 22 - February13 Written By Matthew Russell Henrickson I f you have ever been to one of the three main community theaters in Gilroy and Morgan Hill, chances are good you have seen Bill Tindall per- forming on stage or at the very least seen his influence from behind the scenes that enhanced the production of the show. Bill arrived on the scene when he and his partner opened their interior design business, Brotin Design, in 1987. Bill’s interest in theater was sparked by working through a healing process after losing his partner of 27 years in 2005. His debut stage appearance was in “Boeing, Boeing” for Pintello Comedy Theater (PCT) in 2007. His first appearance on stage for South Valley Civic Theater (SVCT) was in “Arsenic and Old Lace,” also in 2007. His first appearance on stage for Limelight Actors Theater (LAT) was in “Norman, Is That You?” during their inaugural season in 2011. The wheels of theater were turning, and they have not stopped.  Since 2007, Bill has remained actively involved with community theater. His first role as a producer was for SVCT’s “Annie Get Your Gun” in 2009, and again for “The King and I” in 2010. He also spent two years on SVCT’s board of directors and has been influential in using his interior design experience to assist with countless shows as a set dresser, set designer and production advisor.  His appearances on stage for PCT, SVCT and LAT have garnered rave reviews; not just from audience members, but from local theatrical critics as well. He counts among his favorite roles played on stage as those he portrayed in LAT’s “A Tuna Christmas” and “Red, White and Tuna.” He relished the challenge of playing multiple roles on stage in both shows.  Currently Bill is working on the SVCT production of “TRU” opening in January. “TRU” is a one-man play about the life of Truman Capote. Adapted from the words and works of Capote, “TRU” takes place in the writer’s New York City apartment during the week before Christmas, 1975. An excerpt from Capote’s infamous novel “Answered Prayers” has recently been published in Esquire Magazine. “The author’s friends, who recognized the characters as thinly veiled versions of them- selves, have turned their backs on the man they once considered a close confidant.”  Bill first saw “TRU” on Broadway as a concept play in the 90’s. He saw a 2013 production of the play in Palm Springs and became fascinated with the idea of portraying Truman Capote. After two years of his courting the board of SVCT, the show was put on their 2015/2016 calendar. The play is produced by Scott Lynch. Direction is by Carol Harris, with assistant direction by this author.  You can catch Bill’s performance as Truman Capote starting January 15th. “TRU” runs for six performances on Friday and Saturday nights. For details on dates, times and purchasing tickets in advance, go to the SVCT website, This original comedy about motherhood rips away the gauzy mask of parent- hood to reveal what all mothers know but don’t always talk about: it’s over- whelming and exhausting, but also very, very funny. From the joys of infertility, through reading the same books over and over and over, to finally seeing your baby get on that school bus, this play mines the laughs and tears of the early years of motherhood. Limelight Actors Theater “TRU” January 15 -30 Leader of the Pack February 19 - March 12 Join these talented teens in their performance of this hit Broadway musical retrospective, celebrating the life and times of Ellie Greenwich, whose doo-wop sounds skyrocketed to the top of the 60’s charts. The story of Ellie’s rise to fame and fortune is punctuated with the virtual Hit Parade of her music. South Valley Civic Theater (SVCT) Skin Flick January 15 - February 5 The story of a middle-aged couple who find themselves unexpectedly unemployed, and decide they could make a bundle of money by making an adult film! Trouble is, neither of them has ever seen an adult film. They stumble along, hiring actors and talking about the movie, but... well, it tumbles out of control! Pintello Comedy Theater Story of My Life January 23 - February 7 Matthew Russell Hendrickson has been involved with community theater for over 35 years. He is currently a designer’s assistant for Brotin Design, a founding member of a local film production company, Oscar Dante Motion, and is still heavily involved with local theater. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 Musical about two friends recount their adventures, explore their past dissonance, and ultimately discover what is at the base of every strong friendship — love. Odyssey Theater 49