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equipment and materials. Her business, now called Fidelina’s, has been doing great ever since. Just like Fidelina’s, Dave eventually passed the Nimble Thimble down to his friend and customer, Linda Williams. “One day Linda came walking through the door and she said, ‘Dave! I had a dream last night that I bought the Nimble Thimble!’ and I said, ‘Well son- of-a-gun! I had the same dream! But you know what? I sold the Nimble Thimble to you!’” Dave laughed. Dave wanted to make sure that the Nimble Thimble was truly the right fit for Linda, so before he decided to sell her the business he had her apprentice there every day for six months. When her six months were up, Linda bought the Nimble Thimble and she and Dave coexisted within Garlic City Mercantile until Linda moved the Nimble Thimble down the street. While Linda was apprenticing, she encouraged one of her customers, Carol Gutierrez, to take over Garlic City ShirtWorks. Carol was a skilled quilter and embroiderer, so when Dave heard about Linda’s idea he thought it was a great fit. Like Linda, Carol apprenticed for six months before she and her husband bought the business this past July. Carol plans to expand the embroidery business so that it offers not only service but retail items as well. Now that the Nimble Thimble has moved, Garlic City Mercantile has entered a new chapter of its life. Dave has used all of the extra space to make the store the go-to place for garlic, gadgets, and gifts. He has even started helping local artists by featuring their work in his shop. If there’s anything we can learn from Dave, it’s that we should never be afraid to pursue what inspires us. So far, Dave is enjoying the store’s newest incarnation, though there’s no telling what it might be in the future. “Right now it’s garlic, gadgets, and gifts. Until we add antiques!” he said playfully. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 The Nimble Thimble, Garlic City ShirtWorks and Fidelina’s all started as part of Garlic City Mercantile. 45