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The partnership is a success and has become a model for a number of other cities. Chris Ghione, Director of Community Services for the City of Morgan Hill, notes that several municipalities locally and across the nation have contacted Morgan Hill for information on the partnership. The agreement and subsequent Center Operating Plan lays out a somewhat complicated plan for running this marvel- ous facility. The CRC has designated City employees, as does the YMCA. The “Y” has a budget and the City has a budget but the CRC has a combined budget. Areas of the CRC are primarily a City responsibility, specifically aquatics and teen services. Other areas such as the fitness center and senior activities are the responsibility of the YMCA. Some areas of the CRC offer free services while other areas are fee based. There are numerous areas of overlap governed by a strong directive to cooperate. “City and YMCA agree to cooperatively manage and operate the CRC as a first class recreation center for the benefit of the public.” (2006 Agreement) In 2010 a report to the City council noted: Teamwork Success As the partnership was created it was clear that it would work best if City staff and YMCA staff all felt equally responsible for the outcomes and if the staff working at the CRC saw themselves as one team This has been achieved because both organizations seamlessly support each other in delivering programs at the CRC The team works together to make sure that the word we is always used and that no teammate ever says to a member “that’s not my job.” City and YMCA upper management work together in the spirit of partnership striving to understand the two different cultures and how best to find solutions that work in both environments. The public perception of the CRC is that it is a well-run facility that does an excellent job of providing health and well- ness services to the community of Morgan Hill. Enrollment in the Center is currently around 15,000, which represents 20% of the population of Morgan Hill. This is an extraordinary penetration rate for health and recreation services. Sin ce the original agreement, the Aquatics Center, on Condit Road, has also been put under the direction of the CRC. The City and the YMCA also share in an accountability clause that gives 60% to the City and 40% to the YMCA of any revenue or loss. Not surprisingly the CRC has realized a profit on a regular basis. The current agreement is scheduled to expire in 2016. Membership at the CRC includes access to the Aquatics Center, the CRC gym, pool, group exercise classes, the Kid’s Club, the fitness center, Wellness Coaching and use of other YMCA facilities in the County. 38 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN “The relationship between the Y and the City of Morgan Hill offers true synergy in leveraging our different strengths and experiences to benefit the community. Together, we’ve expanded health, wellness and recreational opportunities, providing comprehensive programs for people of all ages. Our strong team approach has created a true sense of belonging for our CRC members.“ JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 Mary Hoshiko Haughey, M.Ed., M.A. Interim Executive Director – Mt. Madonna YMCA