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Center Timeline Provided by Kevin Heath 20 years ago- The Gilroy Center for the Arts didn’t exist, but the Theater Angels Art League’s mission to build one was already in place. 8 years ago- After getting the funds to build Gilroy Center for the Arts, the City redirected the money to buy land (that includes the property where Gilroy Gardens is located) putting a hold on building the 35,000 sf. Art Center. with the artists in the Artisan’s Corner. The woman is a powerhouse. She has done so many behind the scenes things to make sure that the Center is a success. We couldn’t have done it without her.” It’s dedication like this from Beth and others that keep the Center operating. What many don’t know about the facil- ity—the Interim Center for the Arts build- ing—is that it’s available for anyone to use. As a city-owned building, the Center can be rented—much like the popular “Bring Your Own Dinner and Wine Limelight Theater,” rents space for its productions on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The GAA encour- ages the community to contact them for days when the Center is available for book- ing your own meetings or events (art-related or not). Einstein once remarked, “I’m enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagina- tion, which I think is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” The Gilroy Arts Alliance stands as a small beacon point- ing our citizens in a direction of imagination and creativity against the tides that some- times pull us into the mindset that art isn’t a necessity. As we have come to understand what art really is, we realize that it isn’t just necessary, it’s a vital part of our daily life. As long as we have organizations like the GAA, we will always have a constant reminder of art’s importance in our lives and our com- munities. Visit the Gilroy Arts Alliance website for more information: 6 years ago- The GAA stepped up and saved the old Salvation Army building (slated to be town down which would have left a huge eyesore downtown—with an empty dirt lot—for decades to come). The GAA con- vinced the City to let them use the building and operate the Center. 5 years ago- The Gilroy Interim Center for the Arts opened its doors. 4 years ago- The GAA received a generous donation from the Christopher family to renovate, add a parking lot belonging to the Center, and a beautiful, lit marquee sign. 3 years ago- The GAA completed the courtyard. Shortly after, the City tore down the condemned buildings next door and put in a Green Space. 1 year ago- The GAA brought over 6,000 people downtown and through the Center’s doors in 2014. An impressive number, consider- ing a 50 person maximum occupancy limit inside per event. Today- The GAA operates a successful anchor to downtown Gilroy in the Interim Center for the Arts with eight to ten exhibits a year, five live theater productions a year from the Limelight Actors Theater, live music events and more. Imagine what will hap- pen in downtown Gilroy when the la ɝ)Ё ѕȁ́䁉եЄ()%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8)MAQ5 H= Q= H)ѽ乍