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Grandparenting … what a beautiful world I t’s no secret that grandparents adore their grandchildren. Ask any grandparent and they will agree that spending time with their grandkids is a fun and rewarding experience. What they may not realize is that those pre- cious hours spent together impact a child’s development in very important ways. Children benefit from having a circle of caring adults who will continue to be pres- ent throughout their lives. With the rigorous demands of the workforce, parents are often too busy to spend as much time with their kids as they want. Thankfully grandparents are there to provide that much needed fam- ily time. Whether they are the babysitter, chauffer, caregiver, or confidant, grandpar- ents fulfill the nurturing role and ensure 86 that their grandkids always feel loved. These hours spent reading books, playing games, and sharing mutual interests show grand- children that they can rely on their grand- parents for support. Children see that their grandparents are always there to listen and offer a helping hand. In times of family cri- sis, it is often the grandparents that provide help and encouragement, and children learn that they can open up to their grandparents about anything they are experiencing. Some bonds are so strong that children will turn to their grandparents for emotional support and advice when they don’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone else. A grandparent’s involvement in a child’s life also means there are an extra set of eyes GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2015 and ears to detect if something is wrong. Sometimes parents are so close to their chil- dren that they may miss early developmental problems and consider their child’s behavior normal. Grandparents may notice if some- thing doesn’t seem right and raise the ques- tion with the parents. In many cases, early detection of a developmental issue is the key to successful treatment. Most grandparents are the oldest living relatives in the family and as such they have much wisdom to share. Coming from a dif- ferent generation means that they have years of life experience to draw from. They have faced many successes and many struggles and may have encountered situations that parents might not have. When grandpar-