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of criminal background checks. There are county databases, FBI database, national database, etc. Some are more up to date than others. County databases may not necessarily have the latest incident. It is better for your investigations to overlap than for you to miss critical information. Go further and Google them. Gilroy and Morgan Hill have “Most Wanted Lists.” These are people who have not been convicted but there is ample evidence against them. Civil lawsuit cases do not show up in criminal background checks, but Google might reveal that a candidate you find delightfully charming, has been involved in scamming a client. Check them out on Facebook and see what they post. You will be surprised what you can learn. • Most of them do not carry bond insur- ance, liability insurance and/or worker’s compensation insurance. California is considered a “no fault” state. Even if you require an independent contractor to get their own insurance, if they don’t, you are liable as the implied employer. Your best bet – ask your lawyer to guide you, or at least look into what coverage you might &R&RF&fFR"67BFWvWBF6fW"FVB&FV7BW"FW&W7G0BW"&VG>( FW&W7G2&Vf&RR&RR7W&RR&Rv&PbFRw2FBRW7B6ǒvFvVVrRVF6&VvfW"FW&R&RfW'FRw2'&VFR'VW266F26VWFR'VW2G&fVFRWF2RW7B6ǒvFF( Bf&vW@F'&vRf"&6W2v6VPbW"FWVFVB6&VvfW"6( B&W'@Fv&W7V6ǒGW&rFRfR6V6&6W2W76VFF涖rbv&r6RbFR&fPBrVFW"FRF&SB2&W7BF@RF( BvB6&VvfW'2v&&B@FW6W'fRF&RG&VFVB&vB&VV&W FRvFV'VRvV7WGFr6&W'2&VV&W"FB6&W'26fR6'VFvW2&Rf"BB&W7V7FgVFF6PR&RזRv&RvBRFBt$( "$t( "4%D4UDT$U"5D$U"#PvևFF6Уs