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BOOK CLUB BEAT with Sherry Hemingway experiences their book selections PAGE TURNERS BOOK CLUB of Morgan Hill (l to r) is Elaine Ditmore, Suzi Hathaway, Jennifer Tate, Barb Drew, Wanda Marshall, Cricket Rubino and Jan Hagemann. Not in photo: Sandy de la Cuesta. A few times each year, the innovative and energetic Page Turners Book Club of Morgan Hill pursue their goal of trying to DO things related to the book beyond reading-sipping-discussing.  In 2002, “our first book was Sea Biscuit and we went to Bay Meadows Race Track for our meeting,” said member Jan Hagemann. Since then, memorable settings simulating the book’s theme have included: Catfish and Mandela, about a young Vietnamese boy raised in San Jose, who takes his bike to Vietnam to ride all over the country learning about his family. “We rode bikes from Morgan Hill to Coyote Creek Golf Club and had Asian chicken salads for lunch.” Unbroken, the story of a US pilot held in a Japanese prisoner of war camp.“We toured an old fighter plane at the San Martin Airport then had dinner in a “POW camp” we created in Cricket Rubino’s back yard, and had MRE’s for appetizers.” (Note: “The Meal, Ready-to-Eat” – commonly known as an MRE – is a self- contained, individual field ration used by the U.S. military in combat or field conditions without food facilities.) Orphan Train, a book based upon the historical practice, for 75 years in the U.S., of shipping orphaned children out West to find adoptive families. “We went to Felton and took a train trip through the Santa Cruz Mountains.” In July, the club invited 72 gmh TODAY to join them in GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN reading Jacqueline Susann’s Valley of the Dolls and then gather Hollywood-style around the pool to nibble such 50s fare as onion dip and Bugles. In the middle of the table, a jar of red-hot candies – looking remarkably like the “dolls” of the book’s title. Susann’s book was chosen for their annual “vintage” selection. THE BOOK Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann THE RATING: Yes, no, well maybe… “They’re reading what…???? The question posed was why a serious book club would choose to read Jacqueline Susann’s Valley of the Dolls, considered the top- selling fiction book of all time, but also called an “entertaining trash classic.” Page Turners chose the book as their annual vintage selection to revisit the almost 50-year-old novel with today’s eyes. As a look backwards, the book delivers punch and surprise ̸)Mͅé݅́ѥѥѥ͍́еɕݡ)Ё݅́ɕ͕ظ%Ё́Ѽɕхɔݡ)ɕѼѽéḾɕ䁅ͥȁɔ)]ЁՔѡѕɕЁѽéՑ́́ɕ͍)٥܁՝́ɥѡ݅́ݡͽ䁡́)́ЁݥѠɕɐѼݽ)Y䁽ѡ́Ʌ́ѡٕ́ѡɕѥհх)ѕݽхѥѽѡȁ́ɽѕ̰ѡȁՍ͙հ)MAQ5 H= Q= H)ѽ乍