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Preparation for Career Success S tudents seeking career credentials have a lot of options at Gavilan College. From a certificate program than helps you get to work right away, to the Associate Degree for Transfer – providing guaranteed upper division status when you transfer to a California State University campus to continue studies in your major – Gavilan College is a great place to prepare for career success. All of our programs provide instruction in the skills and knowl- edge needed to enter a skilled or semi-professional occupation. Associate’s Degree programs require completion of general educa- tion requirements in addition to career-specific coursework. Certificate programs vary in the number of units required. All of our occupa- tional certificate programs have been developed in close cooperation with advisory committees made up of professionals in the field. They review the courses and make recommendations about techni- cal content so that students will be prepared for the current technol- ogy of the job market. Gavilan College provides instruction in the following career fields: Administration of Justice Allied Health • Nursing Apprenticeships • Carpentry and Drywall/Lathing Aviation Maintenance XB\[\[][Y[\]\ܘ\X[\YۋP\]\Y[H[ܛX][ۈ\[\\]]Hܚ^\Y[BY]H8(\]XX[Y][YYXB]\\\\X[Y[Y[ٙXHو\Y\XX[YX][ۂۙN  N  M NB^  N  LL SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSTSPTБT MBZ^K