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Artfully yours Whitney Pintello Multi Talented, Creative, Fun Loving, Community Minded Written By Laura Wrede F or many people, windows hold a special significance, either metaphorically, or as an important architectural design element. This was true for Gilroy artist Whitney Pintello who, more than a decade ago, fell in love with the artistic promise windows held while searching for new objects to paint. These unassuming and familiar items—readily found in nearly every modern building—were not always so commonplace historically. For centuries windows have been used as a decorative element either graced with stained glass or as an architectural prize harkening back to the Renaissance when small hand-blown panes were joined together with lead strips. During the sixteenth century, window glass was considered so precious, a man might will his house to one relative and the glass windows to another. In early America, window glass of any kind was rare. By the late 1800s, Americans were installing glass windows into their homes often to showcase their affluence. It’s \B[\K\\[]\H^x&\[\\܈]^x&\\ \[H[]Y[[Z[[[YK]ܛ\HH^K[HYHYH\ ]^HY\[ܝ[]H܂\\X\\[ˈ\[\[\\ݙ\HYX\\Y[ZBHX\\H[ 8'H\Y^H]Z[][\]YHܙ\[[H[]۝Xܜ\H^Z[[\Y\]Yو[KY\[\[\\YX\H]HHXYHX[HZ[H&]HZ[^H\]ˈH^H܈\\܈[KH[ݙH\[ܙH[\[^KHXXx&\و[YHX\8'HZY]^K\]Y\܈Z[[ۈ[\Y]\H\Y[K'HYH[][HXY[\XHۈ^\\\B[8'HHZY ]ۙH[ܙ][HXYHو\\X˜ܙX][ۜ]\XܜݙK8']ۜZHH\X[ \X]X[]B SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSHZ[[]H[H8&[\8&H]\HوH[YH[8'BHZY [Z[[\۸&]\\ܙX]]H[X]܋]\\HY[X\وH[[[Z[x%ۙ\و[x&\[[YYHX]\%]^H[X[HYX\Z[[YH][]\[ˈ8'^H[Z[x&\[[Y[[X]\YX[HZ[Y[H[YK8'HHZY 8'H\HZ[ZXH[Z[HX[܈X\H܈[\XHHZ[Y]8&\]H][Y܋X]\Y]^ Y[\\YܙHX\H]\\]\H\KBKX]H[YHHXYYZH[YHٙ]^B\HY[\YYH[^HYHH]\[܈\ۋ[[\Y[ \[][YHH[[\\[\\Y\]\K[H[\\\[YY[[&\][HZK'B]^x&\\Y[ZH[ۈH\[[[XX˂'ۈH[KH\YY܈[\\][[[HYZ[\YB[KZ[ˈH[H^[۝Z[[ˈ]\[HHݙY]]\H8&[\&H\[\]YKH]]\HYXH]^H\\][[\Y [YYX\\YYH[Z[HHX] [Z\[ۙY\ܚˈ]^ Y[\\\H\Z[[[H[H]ZXHXYH\\[\\ˈHܚY܂HY[[HY[وHY[[[HY\Y\[\\[\YX[^HH[YY\Z[[\]]HHؘK'B\Z[\[[]\]\Hݙ\HYX\ܙ]B][X\YK]\]8&\[]^HY][œY][H\XHX[YHۈ\ۈ]]Hܙ][\]\]ˈ\H\HX\[\K]\\H]›ؚX\HZHZ[[ۈ\]\H܈YH]˂HX\]YH\YZ[[\HX\^Y\[ܙ\وH[[Y[ˈ^Z[[H\]^HZY 8'8)]8&\Z[YTSPTБT MBZ^K