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W e want to thank all the wonderful people who have been so generous with their compliments about the magazine. It feels so good when someone comes up to us and says “I love your magazine.” I don’t think we will ever tire of hearing your kind words and enthusiastic support of our work. One of our most enjoyable pastimes is attending the theater. I have a soft spot for live entertainment and have only seen one play in my life that I didn’t like. I so admire the talent and hard work that goes into presenting an entertaining story. We managed to attend all of our four theater companies’ offerings this month and are pleased to be able to highlight them within these pages. We enjoyed every one of them. We were particularly impressed with the new Odyssey Theatre that was held outdoors at the Christopher High School amphitheater. We weren’t quite sure what to expect and didn’t dress appropriately for the cool evening but their presentation of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream was delightful and both the lighting and staging were very impressive. We’re looking forward to their future productions. (See Our Performing Arts, page 10.) I want to welcome our latest columnist, Donna Pray. She will be providing some wonderful recipes that she has taken and made her own by substituting ingredients that she prefers. Her first recipe “Beet Salad” from the Gilroy Assistance League Reflections cookbook is amazing. I think I like it both ways. Try it and let us know which way you prefer. (See Make It Your Own, page 57.) I joined the Rotary Club of Gilroy back in 1989 as one of first women to be allowed to join. I have to give the male membership a lot of credit as I know our presence changed the dynamics of the club but they were always welcoming and from day one, my Rotary experience has been a good one; filled with pride of accomplishment. Two years ago, when we started publishing Morgan Hill Today, I decided to attend the Rotary Club of Morgan Hill as a visiting Rotarian and have been equally impressed with how much is accomplished. (See Morgan Hill Rotary Turns 60, page 30.) Every once in a while you run into an individual that just seems to have it all together — someone who works hard, cares and makes others feel included. We’ve had the pleasure of interacting with just such a person, Maureen Tobin, Director of Communications and Engagement for the City of Morgan Hill. Her story is one of commitment, family, and fun. (See Making A Difference, page 80.) Last but not least, don’t miss the article about our very good friend, Traci Dalke, Owner of Studio Three. Traci has advertised with us since our first issue of Gilroy Today back in 2006. We appreciate her continual support over the years. (See For The Love of Dance, page 74.) Enjoy! On a personal note: What a delightful surprise the National Night Out event downtown was! My little grandson, Maddox, was visiting from Colorado and he was so thrilled to see all the vehicles that he loved: police cars, trucks, motorcycles and even a boat as well as an ambulance and fire engine. After visiting each and a quick bounce in the bounce-house, we strolled down Monterey Street to Old City Hall for a bite. As we started to go in, Maddox’s eyes lit up as he said “Nana, do you hear the train.” I quickly picked him up and walked around the corner just in time to see the evening CalTrain go by. The conductor even gave us a quick wave. I could not have paid for such a perfect time with my little grandson. And to top it all off, the garbage truck came by the house in morning— making his experience in vehicle land complete. And that’s what I love about Gilroy! See more photos of the event on page 67. 4 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2015