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Our Top Five Bathroom Products As with anything these days, there is an overwhelming amount of products to consider when planning a bathroom remodel.  If your bathroom is in need of a makeover, and you Number One Custom Shower Systems  Number Four Skirted Toilets •  Configured with optional bodysprays, handshower and/ or rainshower. • Add sound and chromatic lighting for the ultimate shower experience. • Valve placement should be accessible from shower threshold. • A concealed trapway makes the base much easier to keep clean. • The design provides clean lines and an elegant look from front to back. • Optional dual flush for water savings. could use some help narrowing Number Five Electric Mirrors • Offers a sleek and contemporary look for any bathroom style. • Ideal LED lighting for makeup application. • Custom options, such as a defogger and integral TV available. down the options, think about considering some of these bathroom products in your remodeling plans.  Number Two Towel Warmers D. R. Domenichini Construction was named Morgan Hill Business of the Year in 2012 and also voted (2014 & 2015) Be 7@6G&7F"&v'FR&vFW2FPvW"FfBFV6&W6FW2FR&v&VB'&w2V&ǒ#V'2bWW&V6RF0f֖ǒvVBBW&FV@'W6W72frFVf6V&f"vVVǒ&V7@WFFW2G2F2vfVv2B&RॖR6f6BFV"vV'6FPBG&F66Ц"6Cc3#2( FFVB6f'Bfrv&FvVW7V6ǒF6R6B&w2( &Gv&VB"VrF2RBV7FFBRBFR7B&R&V6&ǐ&6VBrBff&F&RWW'FV( f&W2FW6v2&Rf&RFV6ЧƖVBFRBfVVb&F&Ч7GRV&W"F&VPfBFv&V66V@( &R67BVffV7FfRFg&֖pBFƖr&V6( &fFW2W&VBWB֖f6fR6V@FFR6vW"'FrW7@76RvVfFVBW"Fv( 6fRFW7V6ǒf"VRvVV6""vFƖ֗FVB&ƗGt$( "$t( "4%D4UDT$U"5D$U"#P*FF( 2&F&2&R&RFধW7B&7F6BgV7F76R*WW'FV2BWG&6fVV6PfVGW&W2&R&V6֖rV6&P6FWfW"&Vf&R*&V6W@FW"6&VFVƖr&fW76FV'&rFvFR&W7BF0f"W"7V6f2VVG2* * * *vևFF6У3