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Rotary Club of Morgan Hill … July 2014 With over a year in the planning, the Morgan Hill Rotary Club part- nered with Techcon Monument Construction Inc. to install a new Bocce Ball Court for senior citizens at the Morgan Hill Centennial Recreation Center. While we were at it, our Club members got their hands dirty preparing the site for con- struction and then installed the landscape for the finishing touch on a gift that will keep on giving for years to come. A half a dozen Rotarians flew to Guadalajara, Mexico, to visit their sister club in Ameca, Mexico for three days and present 13 comput- ers. A tour of other local work provided by Rotarians included the schools where small kitchens were built for the students, the Red Cross facility with an ambulance that was donated a few years ago, and to whom Lesley Allen brought medical supplies, and the fire station in Ameca which was the recipient of 22 fire uniforms for the bomberos September 2014 A Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Gbagada South, in Lagos, Nigeria, District 9110, Adenike Adeleye visited all of the clubs in Area 6 (Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Gilroy Sunrise, San Juan Bautista, Hollister, and Almaden Valley) to say “thank you” for supporting the Rotary Foundation Global Grant project. The proj- ect involved the drilling of 6 wells to produce “disease-free” drinking water. That is, water tha ЁͻeЁх՝́ȁѕɥ)ѡЁԁͥȁݽ͔ ݅ѕȁ́չ)䁥ՍѡٕݽɱЁݕɍЁ)ɕ9ɥЁЁ役ٔ啅́ՔѼ)݅ѕȵɹ͕͕()%1I=d5=I8!%10M85IQ%8)9ٕȀ)%ɑȁѼɕ锁))ȁ́ፕѥ͕٥Ѽѡ)չɰݥѠ͙ɕѕѠ)AɕͥЁAѕȁɕ͕ѕݥѠ)Iх䃊qѥե͡M٥) хѥt)éѡ՝љհѥ)Ѽɽ٥ѡՅ䁽)ѡչɰᡥѕᕵ)ͽqM٥ٔMtݡ)́ɥЁѡɽ՝ѡ)ՈAɽ٥ɔȁɕݥѠ)͕ٕɔѥ́́)e)չ͕٥)Ȁ)QIх Ո5ɝ!IхݵЁɽѡո)ѥѼ齹M齸́х͡ɽȁݕ)ͥєܹ͵齸ݡɔɍ͔٥Դ)䁅ѡɽՍ́مѡȁɕձȁݕͥє=ȁ Ո)܁ѡȁɕѕɕɥѥ̸Q齹Mչѥ)ݥٔȁ ՈԔɍФ齸)ɍ͕́Ѽ役ݡͥѕ́Iх Ո5ɝ!)ݵЁ́ѡȁɥ))Յ)QIх) Ո)5ɝ!)ɽ٥)Ёȁѡ(ԁIх)%ѕɹѥ)I͔ ݰ)и)Յ)Iɕ͕хѥٕ́ɽ%ѕɅЁ Չ́ɥЁ%ѕɅ)%ѕɹѥAɕͥЁ酉Ѡ!ɕ͕ѕѡԁɥ)%ѕɅЁAɽЁq!MݕЁ!tQ́ɽЁݥ)٥́-儁Ѽɽ٥ͭɅՍѥɔ̰)̰Ѽѡхѡȁٕ́ѡȁ)MAQ5 H= Q= H)ѽ乍