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The Producers local youth to perform on stage in a live theater, working with a director, choreographer, cast and staging crew. It’s an amazing growth experience that gives them confidence, not to mention a sense of how large-scale projects come together through the col- laboration of lots of people.” SVCT is an all-volunteer non-profit organization and the resi- dent theater company of the Morgan Hill Community Playhouse. The play selection committee includes people from diverse back- grounds and theatre experience who spend months reading scripts and researching plays and musicals to come up with a list of choices which then are put to a final vote by the SVCT Board. For its main stage productions, SVCT licenses rights to per- form plays and musicals from the theatre organizations that own them. This many include access to scripts; orchestration, choreography, set design and staging information; templates for promotional materials; and other details that go into making an authentic, high quality production. Each production runs for about a month. “We’re an inclusive organization, always looking for volunteers to join us,” said Lynch. “Our membership and ticket sales fund our productions.” GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN The Children’s Musical Theater Since 1985, the Gilroy Children’s Musical Theater (GCMT) has been dedicated to offering high quality performing arts experi- ences to kids ages 5-25 in Gilroy, Morgan Hill, San Martin, and the surrounding areas. Whether singing and dancing in a multimedia musical revue, appearing in an original film, or recording a song, GCMT partici- pants and families enjoy a unique experience with big production value. Unlike most productions that offer a handful of parts with leading characters, GCMT’s unique shows are custom created, allowing for multiple singing, speaking and dancing roles. Local South County kids get a chance to shine at the Morgan Hill Community Playhouse. The convenient 10-week program with one rehearsal per week, makes participation easy for busy families. GCMT Artistic Director and Founder, John Bisceglie, has directed and choreographed hundreds of community, commer- cial, and professional productions featuring actors of all ages. For nine years, Bisceglie held the title of Artistic Director for San Jose Parks and Recreation’s Young People’s Theater, and served Gilroy’s Community Services Department in the same capacity for over twenty years. The Gilroy Children’s Musical Theater has worked with thou- sands of children over the last 25 years and is always excited to introduce new kids to the magic of theatre. Numerous kids have literally grown up in GCMT’s productions, appearing in ten to thirty shows over the years. Some have even gone on to pursue careers in theater while others have expressed how involvement with GCMT has helped shaped their lives in a positive way. They are currently working on their new offering, Fabulous Frosted Follies, which will feature over 75 beloved Christmas and Hanukkah classics in December 2015. SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2015 13