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“ Having served Morgan Hill for nearly 30 years , Sergeant Hoefling has become wellknown in the community . He understands how successful policing requires a mindset where the police and community are part of the same team working towards the same goal . We are fortunate to have him in a leadership role where he not only demonstrates the attributes of community engagement but also , by mentoring others , he encourages the same .”
David Swing , Police Chief Morgan Hill Police Department
Sergeant Troy Hoefling with son Andrew , daughter Katie and wife , Janelle .

Ask Troy Hoefling about his

profession and he will tell you that it ’ s honorable , challenging , and no two days are ever alike . Hoefling is in his eighth year as a sergeant with the Morgan Hill Police Department ( MHPD ) – a position that he said is hands-down the best job in law enforcement because he gets to work with new officers , teaching them the ropes and giving them the tools they need to do their best .
Hoefling ’ s instinct for law and order found its expression in his youth . While a student Live Oak High School , he got a part-time job as a bagger at the former Alpha Beta grocery store on Monterey Road and found himself competing with another employee to see who could catch the most shoplifters .
“ I already knew back then what I wanted to do .”
Hoefling enrolled at Gavilan College , earned a certificate and an Associate ’ s Degree in Administration of Justice , and attended the Police Academy . In 1988 he landed a part-time position as a reserve officer with the MHPD . After joining the force , he went on to serve as a corporal , a detective , an undercover narcotics officer with the California Department of Justice , and a member of the SWAT team before being promoted to Sergeant in 2007 .
“ From my first day as a reserve officer I fell in love with the work , the people aspect , being out in the community and not tied to a desk job , dealing with new situations
every day . As a young officer I looked up to experienced senior officers . They knew everyone and how to get things done . They had all the ‘ intel ’. Now I ’ m in their shoes .” Hoefling met his wife , Jenelle , while they were both students at Gavilan . Jenelle became a licensed cosmetologist , but the more time she spent with Hoefling , the more interested she was in law enforcement . It wasn ’ t long before she took a job as a dispatcher for the San Jose Police Department . Looking back on their 20 years of marriage and raising a daughter and a son together , Hoefling said his wife still keeps him grounded .
“ Jenelle worked with police and she gets it . She and I have both known officers who have been killed in the line of duty . She reminds me to keep my priorities in check , be safe , and make it home when my shift is done .”
Hoefling and other members of MHPD lent a hand when the San Jose Police Department lost one of its own , Officer Michael Johnson , in March of this year . Johnson was fatally wounded while responding to a call to check in on a man who had threatened to commit suicide but opened fire on the officer instead . Hoefling , his fellow officers and police from other areas in the district patrolled San Jose ’ s streets while local officers attended the memorial service for Johnson .
For the past 20 years , Hoefling has enjoyed serving as Police Department Coordinator and Liaison with the Special
Olympics . Earlier this year , Hoefling and other MHPD officers volunteered to wait tables at Chili ’ s Restaurant as part of the Law Enforcement Torch Program established by Eunice Shriver and the Kennedy family to support the Special Olympics nationwide . In June , he participated in uniform at the Northern California Summer Games at UC Davis , passing out medals to athletes .
“ People ask why I volunteer my time year after year . I tell them I ’ m grateful for the opportunity to work with these athletes . Meeting them and watching them compete is humbling , it brings me back to what ’ s important in life .”
Outside of police hours , Hoefling enjoys spending time in the 1,000-square-foot workshop he built for himself at home .
“ My dad was a cabinet maker and I learned a lot from him . We never had to call people to fix things at home . Dad did it and I was lucky enough to help . I get a lot of complements on a large entertainment center I finished building recently for our living room . Having that joy and passion for woodwork , if I hadn ’ t chosen law enforcement , I probably would have been a contractor !”
Hoefling hopes his presence on Morgan Hill ’ s streets is “ making a positive difference ” in the community . “ I ’ m happy to be doing what I ’ m meant to do and I couldn ’ t think of a better city than Morgan Hill or a better team than MHPD to call my own .”
“Having served Morgan Hill for nearly 30 years, Sergeant Hoefling has become well- known in the community. He understands how successful policing requires a mindset where the police and community are part of the same team working towards the same goal. We are fortunate to have him in a leadership role where he not only demonstrates the attributes of community engagement but also, by mentoring others, he encourages the same.” David Swing Ɩ6R6V`&vƖ6RFW'FV@6W&vVBG&VfƖrvF6G&WrFVvFW"FRBvfRVR6G&VfƖr&WB0&fW76BRvFVRF@N( 2&&R6VvrBGvF2&RWfW"ƖRVfƖr20VvFV"26W&vVBvFFR&vआƖ6RFW'FVBԅB( 26FFBR6B2G2FvFR&W7@"rVf&6VVB&V6W6RRvWG2Fv&vFWrff6W'2FV6rFVFP&W2BvfrFVFRF2FWVV@FFFV"&W7BआVfƖ~( 27F7Bf"rB&FW fVBG2W&W762WFvP7GVFVBƗfRv66Rv@'BFR"2&vvW"BFRf&W &WFw&6W'7F&RFW&W&@BfVB6Vb6WFrvFFW VVRF6VRv6VB6F6FR7@6ƖgFW'2( Ē&VGWr&6FVvBvFV@FF( ФVfƖrV&VBBvf6VvRV&VB6W'Ff6FRB766F^( 0FVw&VRF֖7G&FbW7F6R@GFVFVBFRƖ6R6FVגPFVB'BFR6F2&W6W'fPff6W"vFFRԅBgFW"rFPf&6RRvVBF6W'fR26'&FWFV7FfRVFW&6fW"&6F72ff6W vFFR6Ɩf&FW'FVBbW7F6RBV&W"bFR5tBFV&Vf&P&Vr&FVBF6W&vVB#r( g&גf'7BF2&W6W'fRff6W"fVfRvFFRv&FRVR7V7B&VrWBFR6VGBBFV@FFW6"FVƖrvFWr6GVF0WfW'F2Vrff6W"VBWFWW&V6VB6V"ff6W'2FWWpWfW'RBrFvWBFw2FRFWBFR( FV( r( FV"6W2( ФVfƖrWB2vfRVVRvPFWvW&R&F7GVFVG2BvfVVP&V6RƖ6V6VB66WFv7B'WBFP&RFR6R7VBvFVfƖrFP&RFW&W7FVB6Rv2rVf&6RЦVBBv6( Br&Vf&R6RF"2F7F6W"f"FR66RƖ6PFW'FVBr&6FV"#V'0b'&vRB&6rFVvFW"B6FvWFW"VfƖr6B2vfR7FVW0w&VFVB( ĦVVRv&VBvFƖ6RB6RvWG0B6RBfR&Fvff6W'2vfR&VVVBFRƖRbGWG6P&V֖G2RFVWג&&FW26V6&R6fRBRBRvVג6gB0FR( ФVfƖrBFW"V&W'2`ԅBVBBvVFR66PƖ6RFW'FVB7BRbG2vff6W"֖6V6&6bF0V"6v2fFǒvVFVBvP&W7FrF6F6V6vBF&VFVVBF6֗B7V6FR'W@VVBf&RFRff6W"7FVBVfƖr2fVrff6W'2BƖ6Rg&FW &V2FRF7G&7BG&VB66^( 07G&VWG2vR6ff6W'2GFVFVBFPV&6W'f6Rf"6f"FR7B#V'2VfƖr0VVB6W'fr2Ɩ6RFW'FV@6&FF"BƖ6vFFR7V6t$( "$t( "4%DथTŒTuU5B#Pǖ72V&ƖW"F2V"VfƖpBFW"ԅBff6W'2fVFVW&V@FvBF&W2B6ƞ( 2&W7FW&B0'BbFRrVf&6VVBF&6&w&W7F&Ɨ6VB'WV6R6&fW BFRVVGf֖ǒF7W'BFP7V6ǖ72FvFRVRP'F6FVBVf&BFR'FW&6Ɩf&7VW"vW2BT2Ff276rWBVF2FFWFW2( VR6vfVFVW"גFPV"gFW"V"FVFV( w&FVgVf FR'GVGFv&vFFW6RFWFW2VWFrFVBvF6rFV6WFP2V&ƖrB'&w2R&6FvN( 0'FBƖfR( ФWG6FRbƖ6RW'2VfƖrV07VFrFRFR7V&Rf@v&6R'VBf"6VbBR( גFBv26&WBW"BV&VBBg&vRWfW"BF6VRFfFw2BRFBFB@Bv2V6VVvFVvWB@b6VVG2&vRVFW'FV@6VFW"f6VB'VFr&V6VFǒf"W Ɨfr&frFBB76f"vGv&bF( B66VpVf&6VVB&&&ǒvVBfR&VV6G&7F"( ФVfƖrW22&W6V6R&v( 27G&VWG22( r6FfPFffW&V6^( FR6VG( Ğ( F&RFrvB( VBFFB6VF( BFb&WGFW"6GF&vआ"&WGFW"FVFԅBF6גv( ЦvևFF6У