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Hank and Nancy Miller Frank Orlando Russ and Marilyn Carr this beauty. Hank spent almost 40 years in various professions in Silicon Valley. Today, a few health issues do not keep Hank and Nancy from enjoying life and this beautiful car. On another day, on a country road between San Martin and Morgan Hill sits a wonderfully restored four-door ’29 Ford Model A, not something one would expect to see at the end of a gravel road. With a career designing farming equipment behind him, Frank Orlando now has a new challenge. In addition to his ’29 Model A, and a ’64 Falcon convertible, he restores tractors. Two large sheds in back are 92 jammed with all types of tractors in various stages of restoration and readiness. One he restored with his son; another one, in the early stages of restoration, is a project with two grandsons. Frank not only restores these workhorses, he also participates in tractor pulls and has trophies to verify his efforts. The tractor he uses for the pulls has a whooping 40 horsepower engine! Frank’s ’64 convertible was his commute car when he designed farm equipment in Madera. Frank enjoys telling how he surprised the workers when he jumped into the tractor seat and ran it through the tests for the new equipment. They did not GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN JULY / AUGUST 2015 “Antimacasssar” expect “the engineer” to be able to handle what he designed! Frank’s ’29 Model A is a “Fodor” in Ford speak. It is similar to one he worked on in high school in Wisconsin. Frank Orlando is one of those unique individuals who can study and engineer a tractor from the ground up. When he can- not find a part, he makes it. There is a little mischief and twinkle in his creative eyes! The last stop on this quick journey to meet some of the men and women of Valle Del Sur took me to a house in Jackson Oaks with spectacular views. The garage of Ray and Kathy Fairchild houses a ’30 Packard, a ’66 Mustang and a ’71 Honda