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Kids ’ Corner With Emma

Hey everyone , welcome to the kids ’ page ! It ’ s Emma . In this issue we have an interview with Josh Watts , one pretty cool kid . We also have artwork from my sister Annabelle . But I would love to see artwork from you , the kids of Gilroy as well . Take a picture of it and send it to us at info @ gilroytoday . com , along with your name and age . To be interviewed , also email us at info @ gilroytoday . com .
I love summer . It ’ s probably my favorite season . It means time to swim , time to bike , and of course , there ’ s no school ! I ’ m going to Nashville over the summer , so I ’ m super excited about that . I ’ m just now getting interested in country music , and Nashville is the capital of that . It will also be interesting going to a part of the country I ’ ve never been to before .
I ’ m going to be participating in the city ’ s theater camp over the summer , too . We ’ ll have rehearsals for two weeks , everyday , and then at the end of those two weeks , we have a performance . The play we ’ ll be performing is “ Willy Wonka .” I ’ m really excited . I love the movie and my sister loved the book , so I think we ’ ll have a lot of fun .
I ’ m also doing an art class at Sheryl Cathers ’ downtown art studio named dabble . Drawing is one of my favorite things to do , along with writing , reading , and theater . I take a weekly art class there normally , but this is really fun and different because it ’ s a canvas class , and I don ’ t usually work on canvases .
The Gilroy Garlic Festival is coming up soon , and I ’ m happy to say I ’ ll be going this year ! I don ’ t always get a chance to go , because we sometimes have something else planned , but this year it worked out ! The Garlic Festival is always filled with fun games , cool exhibits , and of course – mouth-watering food ! I think I might just try garlic ice cream this year . I haven ’ t yet because I ’ ve been just a little too scared to . But I ’ ve heard it ’ s really tasty , so I ’ ll try it .
The farmers ’ market is open again ! I don ’ t go there nearly enough , but I ’ m aiming to visit it more this summer . There ’ s tons of local produce there that ’ s simply delectable and there ’ s always a lot of cool vendors . You also get to buy local and support local businesses in Gilroy .
Gilroy is packed with things to keep me busy , and I can ’ t wait to experience all of it here in my hometown .
Meet Josh Watts
Age : 10
Grade in school and school : 4th grade at St . Mary School
Hobbies / interests : Art , Playing Saxophone , Hip-hop , Reading and Basketball
Favorite Color : Purple
Favoritie Subject In School : Social Studies because it ’ s interesting and a lot of the things they talk about are fascinating , like the Gold Rush and Transcontinental Railroad .
What Are You Doing This Summer : Going to Disneyland .
Tell me about Hip-hop : I go to Lauri Gray ’ s . My teacher is Christian .
What ’ s your favorite after school activity and why ? Reading for fun because I like books . Right nw I ’ m reading My Life As A Gamer by Janet Tashjian , The Wizard of Oz by L . Frank Baum and Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce .
Why is summer the best ? Because you don ’ t have to go to school and you get to do whatever you want .
Anything else you ’ d like to tell us ? I just saw the movie Tomorrowland . I recommend that everyone sees it .
Artwork by Annabelle Barbazette
Emma Barbazette is 12 years old and in 6th grade . She was born and raised in Gilroy . When she isn ’ t writing , she enjoys drawing , reading , and crafting fun projects .
Kids’Corner With Emma Hey everyone, welcome to the kids’ page! It’s Emma. In this issue we have an interview with Josh Watts, one pretty cool kid. We also have artwork from my sister Annabelle. But I would love to see artwork from you, the kids of Gilroy as well. Take a picture of it and send it to us at, along with your name and age. To be interviewed, also email us at I love summer. It’s pr &&ǒגff&FR6V6BV2FRF7vFRF&RBb6W'6RFW&^( 266( vrF6fRfW FR7VW"6( 7WW"W6FVB&WBFB( W7BrvWGFrFW&W7FV@6VG'W62B6fR2FR6FbFBBv6&RFW&W7FpvrF'BbFR6VG'( fRWfW"&VVF&Vf&Rञ( vrF&R'F6FrFR6G( 2FVFW"6fW"FR7VW"Fv^( fR&VV'62f"GvvVV2WfW'F@FVBFRVBbF6RGvvVV2vRfRW&f&6RFRv^( &PW&f&֖r2( vǒv( ( &VǒW6FVBfRFRfRBג67FW fVBFR&6Fv^( fRBbgVञ( 6Fr'B672B6W'6FW'>( FvFv'B7GVFVBF&&RG&vr2Rbגff&FRFw2FFrvFw&BЦr&VFrBFVFW"FRvVVǒ'B672FW&R&ǒ'WBF20&VǒgVBFffW&VB&V6W6RN( 26f2672BF( BW7Vǒv&6f6W2FRv&v&Ɩ2fW7Ff26֖rW6B( F6( &RvrF2V"F( Bv2vWB66RFv&V6W6RvR6WFW0fR6WFrV6RVB'WBF2V"Bv&VBWBFRv&Ɩ2fW7Ff2v2fVBvFgVvW26W&G2Bb6W'6R( 2WFvFW&pfBF֖vBW7BG'v&Ɩ26R7&VF2V"fV( BWB&V6W6P( fR&VVW7BƗGFRF66&VBF'WB( fRV&BN( 2&VǒF7G6( G'BFRf&W'>( &WB2VvF( BvFW&RV&ǒVVv'WB( ֖rFf6BB&RF27VW"FW&^( 2F2b6&GV6RFW&PFN( 26ǒFVV7F&RBFW&^( 2v2Bb6fVF'2R6vW@F'W6B7W'B6'W6W76W2v&v&26VBvFFw2FVWR'W7B6( BvBFWW&V6RbBW&RגWFvVW@6vGG0vSw&FR66B66àGFw&FRB7B'66&&W2FW&W7G3'Br6Rֆ&VFrB&6WF&ff&FR6#W'Pff&FR7V&V7B66à667GVFW2&V6W6RN( 2FW&W7BЦrBBbFRFw2FWFư&WB&Rf66FrƖRFRv@'W6BG&66FVF&&BvB&RRFrF27VW#vrFF6WBFVR&WBֆvFW&w&( 2גFV6W"06&7FvN( 2W"ff&FRgFW"667FfGBv&VFrf"gV&V6W6RƖR&2&vBr( &VFrגƖfR2vW"'WBF6FRv&@b'g&&VЦB&rFR'Ɩ6V&6Rv27VW"FR&W7C&V6W6RRF( BfRFvF66BRvWBFFvFWfW RvBFrV6R^( BƖRFFVW3W7B6rFRfRF'&vB&V6VBFBWfW'R6VW2B'Gv&'&VR&&&WGFPV&&&WGFR2"V'2BBgFw&FR6Rv2&&B&6VBv&vV6R6( Bw&Fr6RV2G&vr&VFrB7&gFrgV&V7G2ࣃt$( "$t( "4%DथTŒTuU5B#PvևFF6