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O Isabella Chow Quiet Brilliance in the Foothills What started with a small competition among Gilroy students at the local Gilroy Rotary Club … … ended with Isabella Chow victory over 320 contestants at the District 5170 Rotary Competition. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN n a quiet country road in the foothills east of Gilroy is a nice home set back from the road, protected by a gate. A flock of Guinea fowl scampers around. A remarkable young lady lives and studies here. Isabella Chow is homeschooled…one of nearly 2 million in the United States. In a normal K-12 set-up she would be a junior in high school. Momma Jasmine also home schools Isabella’s brother, Isaiah (14), and sister, Annabella (12), and before that their three older cousins. Jasmine Chow is a geneticist by training but now a homemaker and home school headmaster. Isabella’s father is an engineer. Isabella is an extremely talented young lady. She is a voracious reader and researcher. When something piqes her interest she is off to her computer collecting and compiling as much information as she can. She enjoys speech and debate and participates in numerous home school speech and debate events. This year she will travel to South Carolina to work on a unique project. Young tutors in speech and debate are used to improve the quality of education delivered in one of the poorest areas of the state. She also proudly notes that she has been accepted as an intern in Supervisor Mike Wasserman’s office, something she is really looking forward to. She is a talented piano player… so much so that she gives piano lessons. She has a command of, at least, four languages other than English. Isabella and her siblings have a profitable side business selling the eggs of their Guinea fowl. According to Jasmine, Isabella is the CEO! It was Isabella’s recent honor to win the Rotary 5170 Speech Competition in San Jose. Rotary 5170 includes Clubs from the East Bay to Monterey and then over to Morgan Hill and Gilroy. Of the 53 Rotary clubs in the area, 48 participated in the speech contest. The competition began with 320 contestants. After four levels of competition Isabella Chow, from Gilroy, was declared the winner of the 2015 Rotary 5170 Speech Competition. The future is bright for this young lady. In her last year of high school, in addition to her regular course of study, she plans to learn guitar and write a speech and debate computer app. College plans are still a little ambiguous. She has many interests and worries about limiting her options. She would love to continue using her speech and debate skills. With confidence she says maybe a career in law, business and/or politics! Congratulations to Isabella Chow, one of Gilroy’s students, a home school success story, and future leader. JULY/ AUGUST 2015 87