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Historically speaking Machado School 1895-2015 Morgan Hill Schools Back in the Day Written By Mike Monroe 82 T alk about geography and history lessons, that’s what you’ll get when the subject is schools in the environs of Morgan Hill. In the early 1850’s, families with young children began to settle the vast expanses of southern Santa Clara County. Neither Gilroy nor Morgan Hill were incorporated cities yet and primary education was a home-based adventure. Still, with the population growing because of the Gold Rush and the wide open prospects for new beginnings in California, newcomers sought early on to formalize the education of their children. GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN JULY / AUGUST 2015 Most early maps, such as the 1876 Thompson and West map, delineated Burnett Township (formerly Coyote, Madrone, and Tennant and now Morgan Hill) by rural school districts such as Llagas, Uvas, and Packwood. The countryside was divided into elementary school districts as more families moved into particular areas. Initially each district was independently operated having its own schoolhouse and teacher. Most of these schools are now gone as modern transportation led to the consolidation of schools. Today, the Morgan Hill Unified