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I n today’s fast-paced world there is a belief that newer equals better. Places like Rocca’s Market remind us that sometimes the old ways are the best ways. Rocca’s Market has been a family run business since 1927. It was first built by Giulio Rocca, who moved from Cocconato Italy in 1906. Giulio wanted to ensure that San Martin had everything it needed to thrive; so the store started out as a general store, feed store, service station and restaurant. Through the decades, Rocca’a has passed along the family line. Giulio’s daughter, Ines, and her husband, John Bonfante, ran the store for 20 years before Giulio’s son, Julius, better known as Rocky, took the helm in 1952. In 1994, Rocky’s sons, Dan and Tom, took over and they have been running the store ever since. Rocca’s Market has been a part of the brothers’ everyday lives since childhood. “When we were young, there was sports, music, and Rocca’s Market,” Tom said. In their lifetime, the brothers have seen other businesses come and go — seemingly in the blink of an eye. All the while, Rocca’s has stood through thick and thin, through earthquakes and changing lifestyles. So what makes Rocca’s Market so resilient? “We keep the store because we love it,” says Tom, “We love the community and the diversity of the people who come in.” Dan and Tom have preserved the look and the store’s old family feel, keeping it as close to how it was when it first opened in 1927. Long time customers marvel how Rocca’s Market is just like the store they grew up with. But the brothers’ dedication goes far beyond just looks. They still maintain the same standards and quality Rocca’s Market has always been known for. The store’s ability to adapt has also played a huge part in its longevity. As big corporate grocery stores began to take the place of the smaller, local ones, Rocca’s Market adjusted accordingly. “It’s been a long transition. The store changed from being mom’s everyday grocery store to a high-end specialty shop,” Tom explained. Among these specialties is their dedication to the community. The brothers Tom Rocca Dan Rocca Rocca’s Market Withstanding the test of time! Written By Crystal Han 78 GILROY • MORGAN HILL • SAN MARTIN JULY / AUGUST 2015