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unless you have conservatorship of care or have written authorization from your parent that you may conduct an inquiry. Have the policy in front of you or at least have the policy number and your parent’s date of birth and social security number. Some questions to ask: 1) Is there a waiting period? Is it based on number of total hours of service or number of days? 2) Do they want the home health agency to submit paperwork during that time and if so, will the insurance company let you know when you have qualified? 3) How much will the insurance pay per week? 4) Do they require that the caregiver be a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.)? Does the certification have to be current or is the C.N.A. training enough? 5) How quickly do they reimburse after the logs and the invoice is submitted? 5) Are health aids and/or equipment (mechanical lift, hospital bed, etc.) considered covered expenses? SMALL STEPS, BIG CHANGES Arthritis Exercise Program MT. MADONNA YMCA Join us for a fun, energizing low-impact class designed specifically for people with arthritis, mobility issues, or chronic pain. This is a FREE program made possible by donations from the Y’s Annual Campaign and a grant from the City of Gilroy. Mon, Tues, Fri Thurs 10-11 am 10-11 am Gilroy Senior Center Wheeler Community Center For more information: Martha Alejo, 408-846-0428 What About The House? The doctor says your parent wants to stay “home.” That can mean the home she lives in now, your home a new place near you or an independent or assisted living community. If your parent wants to stay in the house you grew up in, do a safety check. Should they move to a differe B&VG&&RFR&FЧ&26fS2FW&RFWVFRƖvFsFW&P&RFw2RW7BFFVWFPR6fRW7V6ǒf"FW"GVBFWfV6&RFVФbFW&R&R&VFfW2v6V( 26f֖ǐVWFrFF67W72v6FvBvV@f"rrV6RFR'F6R`6֗FVB7&VFR66VGVR6WfW'R66VRvBFWfR6֗GFVBFFखFRWB77VRbvւFFvF67W70fFr6&VvfW#FWVFVBg2vV76&VvfW'2( 2vBFWV7BvBR6V@rrF67&VV6&VvfW'2WF2FPVFRbR6( BvBf"FRWB77VPBfRV6VW7F6F7BR@F&Tf6FvvV26৖R&RBRt$( "$t( "4%DथTŒTuU5B#PvևFF6Уsp